SNK ATK Design Lab has always been consistently killing it as one of streetwear’s most progressive brands which got them in collaborations with our very own Carlo Ople.

We’ve recently reported that Carlo Ople’s 1nfluence Holdings will pursue technical clothing and explore fashion in the metaverse, which is quite an out-of-the-box thing to see. These guys know their stuff and what they’re doing is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise saturated streetwear scene.

We’ve featured the brand a handful of times as we are fans of what they’ve championed from day one. We recently hung out with Psalm Alfafara to give us more details on the brand’s future plans and the said partnership.

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Carlo Ople has collaborated with you before, through a successful capsule collection under the 7 to 1 brand. Can you tell us more about this new partnership between 1nfluence Holdings and your brand SNK ATK Design Lab? 

Since we started 5 years ago, SNK ATK’s audience has always been global. Technical clothing or ‘techwear’ is a very small niche within a niche and is more popular in the west than here at home. With this partnership, we aim to broaden our international reach while deepening our local roots.

Me and my partners Dwight, Kirby, & Angel, are thrilled and honored to be part of Carlo Ople’s 1nfluence Holdings. I look forward to creating even better products that push the boundaries of what’s possible for a small local clothing brand. From once collaborators to now full partners, we are looking forward to expanding our influence. Pun intended.

From technical and casual clothing, several successful collaborations, to venturing into the metaverse; do you believe that the Philippine streetwear populace is ready for what SNK ATK will bring to the table in the near future? 

I believe the local streetwear scene is getting a lot savvier in the way it approaches streetwear and fashion at large. We are witnessing the growing sophistication of the market, the continuous incorporation of the digital into the physical, all moving towards evolving the zeitgeist of the global fashion industry, which of course will affect the local fashion landscape in profound ways. Our goal is to reach a global audience, and this is a very important first step.

Fashion in the metaverse–can you expound on that further for us who are not familiar? How will that come to play with your brand? 

I’d love to tell you our plans–but I’d be betraying our manifesto of working in silence. Let’s just say we have a lot of intriguing ideas for this space–but in no way are we experts, so every step thus far has been a huge learning experience for us. And that’s the best kind of journey to be on.

We’ve heard that collectibles are a possibility. Will we see toys as part of your future projects? We’ve seen you dabble in music with Alisson Shore- nice one. 

I’ve always wanted to design collectibles and art toys, so why not? As for delving into music and our recent collaboration with Alisson Shore – I’ve been a fan of his sound for a while now, and his love for the techwear aesthetic made our collab inevitable. Music will definitely play an important part in our future collections.

How are streetwear and NFTs becoming kindred spirits in today’s times? How do you see it growing in the next few years? 

The easy answer is yes, it’s a perfect match. The collectibility factor alone is already a strong draw, not to mention the utility aspect that NFTs can unlock. In the next few years, this symbiosis of digital and physical fashion will grow steadily, then explode as it reaches critical mass. After that, it will become ubiquitous and even expected.

Anything to plug to our This Is Hype readers? Thank you.

Hi This is Hype readers! We just released our latest collection, Volume 2 of our collaboration with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! This new collection features a mix of technical outerwear, hoodies, and graphic shirts. Check out part 1 of the collection I think MLBB fans will be pleasantly surprised. You can also drop by my personal Instagram @drift.r and say hi!

Until then, safe travels, and keep working in the shadows.

Thanks Psalm! Speaking of NFTs, here’s how you can rock your sneakers in the metaverse. 




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