Medicom teamed up with Illest and Fatlace for a special [email protected] called Pink Pig. Available in both 100% and 400% versions, it gets its name from a Porsche 917/20 Le Mans race car with the same nickname, where Porsche designer Anatole Lapine used the color pink and labeled the entire body according to butcher-style cuts.

Illest and Medicom’s interpretation of the [email protected] collab is similar, except that the labels are replaced by iconic cities around the world—Seoul, Taiwan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and San Francisco to name a few. In fact, they even made a special Porsche 911 GT3 with the same livery as the [email protected] themselves.

After it was initially released in the US last February, ILLEST and Medicom are making the Piunk Pig [email protected] available in the Philippines, which will be accompanied by an apparel collection consisting of shirts, crewnecks, and a hoodie.

The ILLEST x Medicom [email protected] 100% and 400%, along with the apparel collection, is expected to drop on July 16 via Case Study Atelier and The Rail. Stay tuned to the site for more updates about the drop.

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