Back To The Future fans have something to totally geek out on! July 3 marks the 35th anniversary for the iconic film franchise—but what does a celebration mean without the collectible toy, right? To celebrate the time-traveling classic and the pimped out DeLorean, Hasbro has dropped their crossover Transformers figure yesterday only to be sold out in seconds! Yes, they beat us to it. Goes to show that they may have their own time machine!

Pimped out and ready to roll.

The secondary market is your only option as it is indeed a much-wanted item in the throwback… to the future side of things! (See what we did there?)

Just like in the movie…

Dubbed as Gigawatt (which is lifted from the movie by the way), the said figure features a flux capacitor with time and date details on his chest with goggles mimicking the ones that Doc uses and other neat details that will bring out the retro kid in you.

Retro packaging is the bomb!

The said figure comes in a G1 style packaging like the Ghostbusters collab “The Ectotron.” For completists, there are two different versions, the last one is numbered with sequences of “0001 of 1985” on a detail that replicates a California license plate. Sweet retro goodness!

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The IDW comic adaptation is something to watch out for.

To add hype to things, a new special 4-issue comic miniseries crossover comic from IDW has been slated for October 1, 2020.

Whether you’re in it for the nostalgia or the hype of it all or you just want a nice display for your shelf with your Marty McFly sneakers, then, by all means, indulge!



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