It is no secret that Illest is a brand founded by Mark Arcenal, who is a Filipino through and through. As making the Philippines proud with various high-key collaborations, Illest pays respect to its roots with this upcoming collab with Asians Never Die.

This collab pays homage to Asian roots, paired with Asians Never Die’s great take at showcasing parodies about Asian culture. “We thought as a group to leverage streetwear brands and do a collab,” Arcenal said.

The collection consists of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, and caps. Here’s a preview of the shirts in the collection:

[hfcm id="9"] [hfcm id="14"] [hfcm id="20"] [hfcm id="24"]

The collection will be available in the US on October 8 and in the Philippines on October 23. For the local drop, stay tuned at Illest Ph’s webstore.

Speaking of Illest’s collabs, check out the one they did with Fatlace earlier this year.


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