Let’s face it: 2020 is not exactly a great year in general given the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since the majority of us are all confined at home for obvious safety reasons, wearing sneakers is not exactly the most practical thing to do. One of the more practical options involves wearing slides of which both adidas and Nike have come up with compelling ones as of late.

For the Three Stripes, having a nice pair of slides is not enough; in fact, they came up with the idea of a pair of Adilette clogs inspired by the Superstar. We are not kidding: they actually exist and they actually look good!

Taking the shape of the infamous Crocs, these Adilette clogs take in the Superstar silhouette very well—from the shell toe to the Three Stripes placement on both the lateral and medial side. While the initial colorways are pretty plain—one is dominant white with black stripes, the other being dominant black with silver stripes—they’re guaranteed to be comfier and cozier than your usual slides.

How much is the asking price for this pair of cozy footwear? $45(~Php 2.2k), which is not bad at all. It is a step up from your usual slides while being easier to rock than sneakers especially with the current situation right now. There’s no word if it will be available at our shores, but we bet they will be a sure hit.

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