As a self-confessed sneaker collector, there are pairs that are way out of my range and that’s ok. It’s like a tap out and just accepting you can’t own that shoe because of it’s near impossible to obtain status–one solid example is the Nike Dunk SB Paris from 2003.

So imagine my disbelief when we got a chance to cop the Fugazi SLUG SB Dunks. Today, we are taking a closer look at them as they have really impressed us.

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What’s New

Fugazi is a brand that caters to many facets of streetwear. They also gained notoriety through their Air Jordan remakes and this one is a tribute of sorts to one of the most untouchable Dunks of all time. But the new thing here is that they gave it a nice Cowboy-like feel by way of creating custom graphics instead of ripping off the Bernard Buffet original. The shotgun swoosh also sets it apart really well as Nike wouldn’t really mind it–unlike Warren Lotas who went too far.

One thing we have to point out is how creative they got with the custom packaging along with the nice tote bag it came in. The three lace options and the bullet lace stays just give you a premium feel.

The best of all is the shoe itself as the materials are of great quality. The suede and the canvas can rival any current GR Dunk out there and even better. The colors just pop.


We would say they fit bigger than usual so we suggest going half a size down if you’re to purchase a pair. They may not be as comfortable as your usual SBs due to the lack of zoom air technology but that’s not a big deal as we consider the shoe more of a work of art than an everyday pair.

How Do We Feel About Them

To say that we are in love with them is an understatement. It’s probably the closest we can get to a pair of Paris Dunks and if we do own one, it’s not like we’re wearing them anyway. With the OG pair’s astronomical price, this is the next best thing. Fugazi’s effort to make this shoe is commendable- haters be damned.

Where to Buy 

Currently selling on eBay for $300(~Php 15.5k) or less depending on the seller, the Fugazi SLUGS aren’t really that expensive and can’t really be recognized as a legit shoe brand which only adds to its appeal. Personally, I love how the shoe grabs attention making people go “what are those?” that’s the magic of this shoe and we can’t be happier that we got a pair.

Fugazi SLUG Dunk SB Verdict  

If you want to experience a Paris SB Dunk (As pictured above from Bigboy Cheng) for yourself without killing your life savings, then this is the way to go. Plus, they’re not that common and the chances are pretty slim that you’re going to see somebody wearing them. It’s a very weird shoe and weird is good. How many times can you say you went “western” with your sneaker of choice right? Yeeehah!

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