Musical experimentation is always a big risk in today’s formulaic entertainment scene. There will be those who choose to be comfortable and stay in the tried and proven, but then there are the unconventional ones who experiment and brave the results. In the case of Filipino RnB and Hip-hop artist JRLDM, that is something he wants to achieve with his upcoming single Lason.

JRLDM’s Sound 

Self-confessed as a champion of musical experimentation, JRLDM (Pronounced as “Jerald Damn”) bounces back between R&B and Hip-hop with his own trademark style. You can say that he is in the process of creating his own sound and we’re straight up loving it.


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His vocal tone has this chilly quality that drapes perfectly with a musical atmosphere that truly sounds different from the usual. Bordering on moody to introspective to downright ear candy, his songwriting is one that goes for emotion than an instant kneejerk. It grows on you.

A Dark and Emotive New Single

Lason, which is the carrier single for JRLDM, is a dark track that goes for a different vibe. One thing’s for sure, he’s definitely not in this to party. His line “Hawak ko ang baso na may lasong pampahilo” swirls around you as if you can smell the heaviness of what he’s singing about.

If you’re into music that touches the senses and grabs you by the throat then JRLDM is your new favorite artist.

Dropping This Friday

JRLDM’s new single Lason will be out on all streaming platforms this Friday, October 15 under Music Colony Records, a sub-label of Warner Music Philippines. This will coincide with a Music Video to be streamed LIVE on their Facebook page as well.

Pre-save it now and subscribe to the official Music Colony Records YouTube Channel.

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