Being no stranger to collaborating together, KITH and Casio team up once again for a new G-Shock model, this time with the GM-6900 rainbow. What makes this third collab unique is that the GM-6900 gets a loud iridescent

G-Shock KITH  theme–and it does so by using a metal bezel.

To pull off the unique color gradation, it took at least 10 rounds of sampling to achieve its unique finish and make it stand out amidst past and future 6900 series G-Shock models. Aside from the finish, making this third collab unique is that it uses a metal bezel–a rarity and a definite premium in the world of G-Shocks.

To further give it more personality, the usual G logo on the illuminator button is replaced with KITH branding, and the translucent strap sports a monogrammed KITH branding. The buckle is decked in blue metal, and you also get KITH branding as well.

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For customization options, the GM-6900 also comes with another translucent strap that is devoid of KITH branding in case you want something that is more subtle.

Being a premium G-Shock, the GM-6900 will come in a plush white monogrammed box that is reminiscent of the packaging used in luxury watches. As for the watch itself, key features include 200m shock and water resistance, electro-luminescent backlight, two-year battery life, multi-function alarm, and an auto-calendar up to the year 2099.

KITH G-Shock GM-6900 Rainbow Price Philippines

While there’s no official KITH retailer here in the Philippines, those who want a chance on copping one can try their luck on March 22 at KITH’s retail stores or via their website for $400(~Php 19.5k). To celebrate the partnership, each purchase will come bundled with a zine.

While this is louder than John Mayer’s G-Shock 6900 collab, KITH’s take on the 6900 is meant for those who like to rock the classic G-Shock with a bold statement.


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