The recent surge in infections of the COVID-19 Omicron variant has gotten people all over the world reacting in different ways. While we have seen the streets and malls of Manila empty out of the fear of catching the virus, people in South Korea have had their own way of coping with the increasing risk. More particularly, this South Korean company, Atman has unveiled what they believe is the solution to the problem. Cue in the Kosk: a specialized mask that can be folded up when eating just to cover the nose, and unfolded to cover both the nose and mouth after eating.

The etymology of the product’s name stems from the word “Mask”, and the Korean translation of the word nose, “Ko”. When combined, the result is the name of one of the more interesting inventions during COVID times – Kosk.


With the unveiling of this product online, a significant number of internet users have been quick to praise this South Korean invention. Several of these users stated that the use of this product will help them feel safer when grabbing a bite in public locations such as a restaurant or even their office space. This led to customers going ahead with purchasing several boxes of the Kosk despite its price tag of $8 (~Php 400) for a box of 10 pieces.

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However, the other side of the spectrum of internet users was quick to point out two major flaws in the product’s design. First and foremost, just because the nose is covered when consuming a meal amidst other people, this does not mean that you will not be able to contract the virus through your mouth. With that being said, what would be the point of purchasing the product altogether? The second flaw? It just looks silly.

At the end of the day, who are we to judge if you should use this product or not. If you feel that wearing the kosk out in public will keep you safer against the ever-evolving COVID-19 virus, then, by all means, wear the kosk!
What are your thoughts on this polarising innovation?
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