This is Hype PH prides itself in being your go-to one-stop-shop for everything in pop culture. This includes anything and everything related to films, TV shows, shoes and sneakers, collectibles, music, fashion, and food, just to name a few. With this in mind, we take it upon ourselves to create reviews of various content before you even get the chance to decide to purchase shoes and streetwear or check out certain films, shows, and albums. In order to further improve the quality of our said reviews, the editors of This Is Hype PH have devised a simple rating system — The Hype Meter.

While we aim to create a specific rating system or Hype Meter for the different types of content that we will be reviewing from here on out, our team is still currently in the process of tweaking and polishing The Hype Meter for the other categories. We have however taken it upon ourselves to release the official Hype Meter rating system for Movies and Television Shows.

What is The Hype Meter?

The Hype Meter was birthed with a two-fold purpose. The first is to provide a simple and easily understandable overall verdict for any of the films or shows that we opt to review. We wanted to create a system and quantifiable final verdict which would be easy to see and understand in a single glance. This rating system needed to encapsulate our thoughts and recommendation in a concise manner while still enabling our readers to proceed and read our full review.

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The second purpose was to create a streamlined manner in reviewing content by analyzing a specific set of parameters. The Hype Meter rating is therefore achieved by looking through a specific set of elements that are present in every film or show. This allows our editors to objectively assess each content despite variations in writing styles and focus. What we, therefore, look at whenever we review is the emotional connection that we get from the films we watch down to the shoes that we put on. Therefore even with the mathematical or systemic nature of the Hype Meter, there isn’t an exact science to it. At the end of it all, our quantifiable rating is, more importantly, a reflection of the overall qualitative state of the film which can be seen through the description of each rating.

This is because we know that when creating reviews, a big factor to the end result is a little concept called perception. Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder; it’s different for everyone. Therefore even amongst our team or if you choose to put a group of world-renowned movie critics in a room, the ideas and opinions will always differ and vary. The Hype Meter however aims to create a very specific manner of grading every film despite varying preferences and opinions by objectively looking deeper at film and TV show elements. This isn’t to say that the Hype Meter will completely remove subjectivity due to the fact that our individual thoughts and preferences will still take over. We will be able to determine however how a certain final verdict was achieved.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, for films and TV shows, we have intentionally gathered a list of parameters that we will check upon watching each content. The rating system that we have designed will apply to each component and the average score will be jotted down which will, in turn, be our final Hype Meter rating. It will be a Herculean task to double-check every editor’s work and hover over why a certain rating was achieved. This is because again there is a subjective nature to art and disagreements on a certain content will naturally exist in the same manner that you and your friends have varying views on a single film at times. Our final rating however is a reflection of our chosen writer’s thoughts and views on the matter who in turn is This Is Hype’s representative as the chosen reviewer with whom we have complete trust and confidence as part of our TIH family.

Hype meter rating

Our categories for films are as follows: acting, cinematography (which includes the camera and lighting techniques), character development, plot, direction, the script, and editing (which includes sound mixing and visual effects).

Hype meter rating

When it comes to TV shows, on the other hand, the same parameters follow but with the addition of continuity and world-building. These two components and essential in every TV show and season due to the expanded version that they give us. Continuity looks into the ability of the show to keep a clear and understandable progression from one episode to the next while keeping  ‘filler’ episodes to the bare minimum in order for a substance to be present in each installment of the show. We also see in TV shows, the ability to really create an expansive world of its own through the setting and visuals due to the sheer running time. This is where world-building comes in as we look into a television show’s ability to create a unique and esteemed setting that the majority of viewers are intrigued by. Whether it is a fictional or non-fiction world, the creators of the show must pay great attention to detail in order for the world-building to be all the more believable.

The Hype Meter Rating System and Descriptions

Our Hype Meter rating will feature a single-digit solid number that has a corresponding description and will therefore avoid decimal numerical intervals. All computations will be rounded off to the nearest ones digit in order to create a single-digit number. A 5.6 and 5.8 interval will honestly have minuscule differences and labeling it as a “mediocre” offering due to a 0.4 or 0.2 difference is to the film’s disadvantage and therefore calling it an “okay” film offers enough justice.

10 – Flawless

There is no such thing as perfection, but a TIH grade of ten is given to a film that hits as close to it as possible. Every component is done masterfully and is an indication of a film that could be considered as a future classic.

9 – Spectacular

A Spectacular film is one that features several elements that stood out positively and as a whole is truly innovative and creative — whether in its uniqueness or brilliance in execution. It’s a film that truly impressed us.

8 – Great

There are a few elements that make the film memorable and enjoyable for the viewer. There are some flaws but they don’t outweigh the good points of the film.

7 – Good

A good film is still one that is worth the viewer’s time but could definitely be better. There are elements that need improvement but overall the viewer will still be relatively happy after the film.

6 – Okay

There are a lot of could be done better moments. There are some redeeming factors and moments that can be overlooked to truly enjoy this kind of film.

5 – Mediocre

We don’t really recommend this film unless you are just looking for one to just kill the time or to run while you multitask. For the most part, the film is just bland and can be easily forgotten.

4 – Bad

This is a skip altogether movie. It may have one or two shining moments but the flaws are just too much that they overpower every sign of hope for the film.

3 – Awful

A score of three means that there are just too many flaws to count in this film. For some reason, however, you still end up staying till the end hoping things will get better but they honestly, don’t.

2 – Terrible

Consistently unenjoyable. It’s a movie that doesn’t have even an ounce of redeemable quality. From start until the very end there are just so many flaws and errors across its different elements.

1 – Unbearable

A walk out of the cinema or switch to another show on Netflix type of film. Although we rarely review films that achieve such a mark, they still do exist. This is a movie that becomes too painful to see.


Hype meter rating

The latest designer pair of sneakers, catchy and fun music, down to captivating films and shows — art is their common quality. There is no scientific explanation for art. It cannot be fully quantifiable because yes at times it is meant to pique our intellect but more often though, it is meant to satiate our emotions. Art draws us in and we connect to it from a personal standpoint. Our Hype Meter doesn’t seek to box any of these mediums by its numerical values, but creating this system, allows for you, our readers to have ease in understanding our verdict but at the end of the day, your opinion is still what stands. How you view certain content and how it makes you feel is what truly matters.

This is what we at TIH hope for. When we say a certain film doesn’t meet our standards doesn’t at all mean that you still won’t find such content acceptable or worthwhile. Having conversations, reading your comments, and being able to hear your thoughts are valuable to us in understanding different perspectives.

Hype meter rating

In the meantime, our Hype Meter is limited to films and shows but our goal is to eventually branch out to other mediums as well that we review on our site. Journey with us as we develop a more concise and engaging community of people who simply love pop culture.

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