Limp Bizkit is probably one of those bands that make it or break it for you. It’s either you’re a fan or you’re a hater. One thing’s for sure, they still hold it down as one of the most iconic groups ever to enter the mainstream rock world.

The band is known for Fred Durst’s alpha male / fratboy rap bravado, Wes Borland’s weird costume choices and sick guitar tones, DJ Lethal’s legend level DJ sorcery and finally Sam Rivers and John Otto’s (is he out of the band?) groovy bass/drum lock-ins, probably the best that the rap/rock scene has ever witnessed.

Enter their new album of Limp Bizkit entitled Still Sucks. This album took A LOT of damn years to release (a decade specifically!), rivaling that of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy when Axl Rose sat on it and almost never let the public hear it, at least it’s out.

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Call it his artistic side that keeps him from releasing an album on impulse, but Durst is letting it be known that this new offering by his band is no joke. Let’s break down all 10 songs in the album:

Out Of Style is a by-the-numbers groove song that serves as a lyrical tirade against haters. The line “We should be on the same team” even sounds like a call to arms to all musicians to imply that they’re part of the scene. While it does sound like your standard rap metal song from LB, this is a great opener.

Dirty Rotten Bizkit starts with scratches and heavy riffing. The nice combination of frantic rapping and melodies shine through on this one. The chorus is catchy with Fred exploring his singing chops which we’ve heard sparingly from their first few albums.

Dad Vibes is the carrier single that harps on Fred’s new look. Trading in his red fitteds for flowing blonde locks and a retro outfit, the relaxed old school rap flow on this one makes it a total standout from the lot without a scream to be heard. Catchy AF.

Turn It Up, Bitch enters with a Cypress Hill-like bass line. With DJ Lethal, the track is made legit. A straight up hip-hop track aimed specifically for the 90’s fans I guess as there is no mumble rap in here anywhere- just pure grooves and nice rhyme schemes.

Don’t Change is such a treat to listen to. Considering this is an INXS cover, this is a breath of fresh air if you’re already tired of “Behind Blue Eyes.”

You Bring Out The Worst in Me sounds more like an interlude for the album at first but then the chorus takes you off guard with a heavy riff and screaming. If you loved early Limp Bizkit’s heavy stuff, then this goes that route.

Love The Hate is an interesting track with Durst acting out two Limp Bizkit haters. “That motherfXXin Fred Durst makes my head hurts” borders on self deprecating humor which adds to its appeal. The convo turns for the worst as the two haters turn against each other. Interesting.

Barnacle sounds like a Stone Temple Pilots track which shows Durst’s vocal chops. The screams sound more grunge than rap metal. Simple yet effective. Very 90’s sounding–grungey.

Empty Hole is an acoustic ditto which is prolly the most laid back of the lot. It’s not really a bad track, but it’s not as catchy as Don’t Change.

Pill Popper is a loud stab against pharmaceutical giants and blasts off with a very urgent message. The line “Give me my medicine” sums it all up perfectly on how these companies capitalize on the common man’s addiction. Very heavy and loose, this song can sound like a Nirvana B-Side without the breakdowns.

Snacky Poo is another hip-hop track. This song tackles how made these guys are: not giving a damn and thats a good thing. “Your audiences are crickets” is a line veered at the young bucks and haters of the band. Also, the line “Bringing back the 90s to ease up all the tension” captures the overall vibe of the album. After all these years, they’re still the same band.

Goodbye sounds very un-Limp Bizkit and is probably one that screams single potential if it wasn’t too damn short. It just catches you with a nice hook. A fitting farewell for a very short album. Again, Fred can really sing and we’d love to see do more of that for upcoming Limp Bizkit stuff. (In 10 years maybe?)

Limp Bizkit Still Sucks Album Review Verdict

Our review shows f you’ve loved Limp Bizkit since day one, then there’s no reason you’re not going to dig Still Sucks. It’s basically Limp Bizkit in 2021 still having a good time and acknowledging their status in the scene. For sure, they’ve got haters but then, they’ve got devoted fans as much as Metallica or Deftones and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Probably not the best Limp Bizkit album, but it’s a recommended listen if you like some rap in your rock and metal like it’s 1997.

Is it music to “Break Stuff” to? With a chainsaw? We say yes.

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