In today’s fast paced times, almost everything is ownable via the virtual realm. There will always be new concepts which may be off putting and alienating to some. But then, changes do take time to get used to.

On top of these new things and advancements, it’s pretty much a no brainer for Nike to step up and join these developments.

It’s Bound to Happen 

From Bobby Kim of The Hundreds predicting how NFTs can work for the hypebeast sneakerhead and Nicky Diamonds of Diamond Supply Co. entering the NFT world with his Tiffany Dunks, it’s only a matter of time till everyone joins in! 

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Then comes this one…

Leading sportswear and footwear brand Nike is gearing up for the ‘metaverse.’ It’s been reported that the athletic behemoth has trademarked its brand for various goods within the virtual landscape. This includes the swoosh logo, the ‘Just Do It’ slogan, sneakers, gear and clothing. Understandably so as “digital products” are slowly becoming the norm.

Based on a report by Input Mag, the sportswear giant has filed four patent requests namely for ‘Nike’, ‘Just Do It’, ‘Jordan’, ‘Air Jordan’ with the US Patent and Trademark Office last October 27.

Not a Coincidence

It can also be noted that they made this big move right after Mark Zuckerberg introduced his metaverse as a ‘virtual environment.’ Others may find this move weird, but it does make sense for a company of their caliber. 



This will ensure them of brand protection when it comes to ‘downloadable virtual goods’ and related retail and entertainment services.

A Wise Move

This is a wise move for the Swoosh as this is the first step for them to create Nike gear and collectibles for the metaverse. We can already imagine having two separate shoe collections: a real collection and a digital, on-screen collection that we can buy, sell and trade.


It’s also been reported that they’ve been in the process of hiring virtual designers specifically to create digital specific Nike products and other metaverse-specific projects.

Moving Forward, Are We Ready For NFT Nikes? 

So how are we to see NFT sneakers now? Since most collectors literally don’t wear their investments, it’s high time that these grails do get this new treatment.  If they are so coveted that if you can’t get them in real life, you can take stock in them in the virtual landscape.

If that means we can all be virtual owners of impossible-to-own pairs then we say it’s a go. It would be cool to see a virtual sneaker closet without worrying about the vintage shoes crumbling anyway.

Since we are on the topic of sneakers, here are the Top 5 Nike Sneaker Collabs you should watch out for before 2021 ends. 


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