As we slowly reel in ourselves from the aftermath and effects of the pandemic, people are now looking to reconnect with the experiences that we were accustomed to prior to the chaotic circumstances that we have been in lately. The transitions and abrupt changes in all our lives may have taken a toll on us and therefore taking things slowly may be a necessary option. We admit that it may not be for everyone however if you are ready to go out taking a much-needed vacation may be on the top of your to-do list. We have gathered a list of some amazing spots around Metro Manila where you can take a small vacation to unwind or even to spend time with your family.

5 Must-Try Locations For A Vacation Near and Within Metro Manila

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa (Antipolo)
Rates: Starts at around P4,000/night
No. of guests: 2-4 pax/room depending on the desired room

You’ll hardly believe that you’re an hour away from Metro Manila because this place will make you feel like you’re in another country. Located in Antipolo, Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa is a peaceful and classy getaway in its simplicity. It’s an accommodation that still brings you up close to nature and is perfect for some individual downtime or even with your family or significant other due to the amenities and various activities that can be found here.

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ACEA Subic Beach Resort (Subic)

Rates: Starts at around P10,500/night
No. of guests: 2 pax/room

ACEA Subic Beach Resort is one of the nearest beach resorts you can go to from Metro Manila. The rooms are pretty pricey, but the scenery is definitely worth the price of admission. With its pristine clear beaches and the various recreational activities, ACEA has got your beach and summer needs covered. The place also houses two restaurants, Salt Bar + Restaurant and The Sunset Bar by Salt so that foodies don’t need to travel far distances for their cravings to be fully satisfied.

La Bella Boutique Hotel (Tagaytay)

Rates: Starts at around P3,200/night
No. of guests: 2 pax/room

Looking for a Mediterranean-inspired vacation spot? La Bella Boutique Hotel gives guests a Santorini-themed experience and ambiance that is just a few hours away from the metro while simultaneously enjoying the cool weather of Tagaytay. Aside from its hip, contemporary interior and picturesque architecture, you’re going to be fed well at Sweet Knot Haven, the hotel’s in-house restaurant which boasts succulent dishes such as the Pork Banana Stew with Bacon Bits, Tapsilog, Bulalo, and Crispy Tofu in Vietnamese Sauce.

B Hotel (Quezon City)

Rates: Starts at around P3,400/night
No. of guests: 2 pax/room

Vacation Metro ManilaIf you are looking for a change of scenery, B Hotel is an affordable option that’s actually quite snazzy for the price. We love the airy, minimalist design of the rooms. It’s perfect for clearing the head and engaging time of relaxation and unwinding. B Hotel also has an in-house restaurant with a menu that will appeal to the foodie in you. The hotel also has other branches: Alabang and Manila, with its flagship located in Bohol. B Hotel is one of those options that aims to transport its guests to an experience outside of the city while still being right smack in the metro.

The Lake Farm (Pampanga)

Rates: Start at around P11,000/night
No. of guests: Can accommodate up to 22 pax


Connect with nature, bond with friends or family, or even maybe spend some alone time in this enchanting 2-cottage resort, The Lake Farm in Pampanga. The great thing about this resort is that it only accepts one booking at a time regardless of quantity (max is 22) so you’ll definitely get the privacy you need. We particularly love the pretty, pristine man-made lake that looks like something out of a storybook. The Lake Farm is a great place to clear your mind and start afresh from the hustles and bustles of hectic work life.

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This list barely scratches the surface of great spots for a short vacation near and around Metro Manila. There are more options out there and that may suit your desired needs and preferences. One this is certain, however – the world is opening up again and we can once again experience the things that gave us comfort before. Just remember to stay safe and follow all the necessary health and safety protocols! For hotel protocols, click here (Take note, that some hotels or resorts may have additional protocols in place so we recommend that you speak directly to a representative from your desired accommodation).

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