There’s no denying how crazy the hype for Dunks has been as of late. Aside from Travis Scott indirectly co-signing them, the recent hype for Dunks stem down to nostalgia for the silhouette—especially when you consider that anything 80s or 90s is the in thing these days.

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Tracing down how the Dunk hype exploded to phenomenal heights, it was OFF-WHITE that started the craze with their first Dunk collaboration with the rather unique lacing system and homage to familiar Dunk low colorways.

It is going to be a good year since that collab dropped, and Nike is set to drop its second OFF-WHITE Dunk called the Air Rubber Dunk.

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The second Dunk collab is more avant-garde than the first one thanks to a busy upper that is inspired from the P-6000 running sneaker. Aside from the tweaked heel area and layered Swoosh, the Air Rubber Dunk tweaks the Dunk’s midsole, adding a window for that glorious view of the Nike Air cushioning.

While there are three colorways, only the Green Strike one is confirmed so far with an October 1 drop date. They will be priced at $190(~Php 9.2k), but like with anything Dunks and OFF-WHITE, we wish you all the best in copping them for retail.


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