At the end of last year, Nike made waves within the metaverse as the sportswear brand acquired RTFKT Studios, a leading brand that leverages cutting-edge innovation to deliver next-generation collectibles that merge culture and gaming. With this money move, it was obvious that the company was cooking up something special for 2022. Surprisingly, the Swoosh opened up this year by taking a different approach in order to gain a bigger market share of the metaverse by attacking their competition StockX. A few days after waging a legal war, RTFKT has released their new “MNLTH” series featuring Nike and RTFKT co-branding.

All we know about this NFT drop is what RTFKT has told us. As seen on their Instagram post above, the object presents a dark metallic finish with geometric patterns etched on each side with glowing Nike and RTFKT logo cutouts on the laterals. What is found inside however remains a mystery. This mystery is supported by RTFKT’s social media account, which commented on their own post saying:

“Like this post if you’re confused,”

The “MNLTH,” was airdropped to existing Clone X holders alongside PodX virtual spaces. The reason being is Clone X is another RTFKT project in collaboration with Takashi Murakami. Currently, Clone X is one of the highest traded NFT collections in the market amounting to a total transaction volume of 114,600 ETH (approximately $352 million USD). The “MNLTH,” is currently sold on OpenSea.

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While we are still unsure of what we can expect in regard to this latest NFT collection, one thing is certain, this is only the beginning of the Nike and RTFKT partnership. It wouldn’t be too farfetched to guess that the “MNLTH,” has something to do with Nike’s forte, which is sneakers.

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