As it has become ritual, every year we expect Supreme to come up with something ridiculous to stamp their name on. While we have an idea of what to expect, we still find ourselves shocked by the outcome of this tradition. Just as we begin to believe that things can’t get any weirder, we are proven wrong by the New York-based skate brand. With that being said, have a look at the 16 Most Ridiculous Supreme Items for 2021.

1. Supreme/Dub Spinner Wheels

Pimp your ride with this collaboration between Supreme and Dub. These eccentric spinner wheels will definitely turn heads as you cruise down the street.

2. Supreme/Hästens Maranga Bed

With Hästens’ reputation for building the world’s most comfortable beds, this ridiculous Supreme item will ensure you have the sweetest dreams.

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3. Supreme/Butterfly Indoor Table Tennis Table

While we’ve seen Supreme ping pong rackets in the past, you can finally complete the set as Supreme has partnered up with Butterfly to manufacture a stark red indoor table tennis table.

4. Supreme/MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0

While this item is surely considered to be ridiculous, it has a great aesthetic to it, mainly due to the fitting placement of supreme’s spell-out logo on the Gundam figurine’s shield.

5. Supreme/Storm Bowling Ball

Strikes never looked better with this white and red Supreme/Storm bowling bowl donning Supreme’s iconic box logo design.

6. Supreme/Skittles Pack

In 2020 we got a Supreme Oreo, and in 2021 another dessert made its way through the Supreme drops.

7. Supreme/Stanley 15″ Saw

Your toolbox is becoming more and more complete with Supreme items through the years. The latest edition has got to be this Supreme/Stanley 15″ Saw.

8. Supreme/Duraflame Fire Log

Stock up with these fast-lighting firelogs in case of your next emergency!

9. Supreme/Mohawk Strathmore Paper

A custom box logo Supreme watermark sets this Strathmore paper apart from other Mohawk products available on the market.

10. Supreme/Forge de Laguiole Corkscrew

You no longer have an excuse to come unprepared when opening a bottle of wine.

11. Swing Top 1L Bottle

Perfect for fresh OJ or a bottle of milk, check out this unique swing-top bottle with Supreme embossed on its side.

12. Supreme/Team-Demi Stationery Set

Once again, Supreme is just looking out for us in every situation. Here, they ensure that we’ll be on top of all our school projects.

13. Supreme/Phomemo Pocket Printer

Print your favorite memories on the go with this one-of-a-kind Supreme/Phomemo Pocket Printer.

14. Supreme/Hexbug Nano Flash

Under what circumstance will you need this? I’m not sure. But here are the Supreme Hexbugs equipped with a nano flash.

15. Supreme/Hand Mixed Paint Stick

Sold in a set of two, you get a paint stick with Supreme’s trademark red and white, as well as a multicolor paint stick coming in a black case.

16. Supreme Spaghetti Skateboard

Is it spaghetti? Is it a skateboard? It’s a skateboard with a spaghetti design printed on it. Now that’s ridiculous.

A number of Supreme items from 2021 was just as ridiculous as those we mentioned from our 2020 edition, and we have to leave it up to our imagination to guess what Supreme will come up with next year to make our list of the most ridiculous items.

As we wait, however, we can occupy ourselves by playing indoor table tennis, going bowling, and maybe even fooling around with a Supreme Gundam figurine.


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