In the streetwear scene, we are always accustomed to tough and overly-positive messages that we can smell them from a mile away. It ‘s either it’s armed to the teeth with gang-like, hustle-heavy machismo or some Marilyn Manson/Slayer influenced evil-ness to the slogans and graphics. It’s just the way it is.

This is where local brand Scriptures beg to differ and break the stereotype. Wearing their beliefs proudly on their sleeve, they cater to those open-minded enough to accept them for who they are. In our book, anything done honestly is a plus–which had us looking to feature them. Whether you agree with the brand’s beliefs or not, they are here to stay.

We caught up with Scriptures owner Arvi Chavez on the brand and its mission. Read on and enjoy.

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To set things off, why the name Scriptures?

Originally in 2012, we started off in the name Wear Scriptures. Our main objective is to create a brand that would be based on the Holy Book and to spread the Gospel by making people “wear” it and actually hope that they would wonder the real message behind the innovative designs. Later on, as we grow, we wanted to be more specific and basic, thus we stick with the name Scriptures.

With your biblical overtones, do you think it only caters to a certain demographic or are you open to branching out?

During the initial years, we did have a hard time showcasing Gospel in streetwear, as we have a certain and limited market. If we wanted to maintain the uniqueness yet fulfill our objective in spreading the Gospel, we needed to think of ways that would catch the attention of those outside our market. We were able to overcome this by creating more designs that would promote The Beauty of God in a trendier, but in a deeper conceptual illustration, and visualizing our brand in different apparel.

What’s your take on being probably the only Christian streetwear brand here in the country?

Honestly, we think that there are other Christian streetwear brands here in our country. We may have different takes on our brand but I hope that we have the same objectives. For us, our challenge is doing a crossover of the Gospel. The Scripture (Bible) has a lot of mysteries waiting to be revealed and uncovered to show the trueness of our God. Yet, there are also revelations that are beyond every man’s imagination. Those ideas are what we wanted to convey to our brand. Aside from loving our brand and designs, we really look forward that we would reach more people to wear and know their faith.

Among your designs, what is your best seller?

Not Today Satan and What a Beautiful Name is competing in the first place.

If you’re to collaborate with any brand local or foreign, who could it be and why?

It could be DBTK. The brand, Don’t Blame the Kids, aim to change the mindset of people to the Kids around the world. Whereas, if a collab is made, it would be nice to aim and change the perspective of people to what is there in the Scripture (Bible). Don’t you think Don’t Blame the Scriptures could also be a thing?

In an elevator pitch, how would you sum up your brand?

We are a Gospel-inspired brand that promotes The Beauty of God and the unfathomable verities of the Scripture in a deep conceptual illustration through streetwear.

Your message to our readers?

If you have been supporting us since Day 1, thank you, and know that we appreciate you guys. You are our motivation! And for those who are still undecided to try our brand, watch out! You inspire us to innovate our brand and make it better in every release. We hope that you continue to support us, as well as all the other local merch out there. Help us spread love and gratitude to everyone. Godspeed!

Salamat Arvi! Visit them via their site, their FB page and IG page as well.

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