Fresh from their ACG Caldera model and numerous other releases, our friends at Nike SB are on it with a new Dunk! This time, utilizing one of the most used instruments within the skate culture: the Sony VX1000 Camcorder.

If you think the present releases of the Nike Dunk are starting to get predictable, then you should look the other way!


Released back in 1995, the VX1000 stood out as one of the early professional digital video cameras that came with a price that is more accessible to consumers. It boasted of a 3CCD system that helped it deliver high-quality footage. Aside from that, it used modern DV tapes and uses the IEEE 1394 interface (which Sony called it as Link) for downloading digital video from the camcorder to your computer

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For starters, if you’re into skateboarding–you got to relate with this one. Heralded as the default skate camera for its user-friendly features, it’s just packed to the core!

The SB Dunk VX1000 tribute has details that mimic camcorder terms like “SHUTTER SPEED”, “WHT BAL” and “REC LEVEL” and “PEAK”. The eyelets are executed colored in red and yellow which draws inspiration from the camera’s pause and stop buttons.

The star of the show here is the top-quality tumbled leather which brings the regular Dunks of 2021 to shame (real talk: 2021 Dunks don’t have exactly good quality as far as the upper is concerned!). While it is a predominantly black, white, and gray shoe, it is the small details that make this interesting!

Care for a pair? The SB Dunk VX1000 Tribute is dropping via Nike SB’s Orange Label at skate shops on February 20 exclusively in Europe and Asia. Are you going the extra mile to get these?

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