We are all well aware of the hype for Nike Dunksespecially with the plethora of colorways that came our in 2020. Based from this year’s first few months alone, we got quite a number of them. But considering the overall quality? We care to nitpick a bit and dare say that this year’s drops so far can’t rival those from last year, yep we said it! 

To address and prove our point further, we’ve assembled 10 of the best Nike Dunk releases we got so far. Take note that these are not SB Dunks as they are far from that (read through this article to understand the differences). These are the regular Dunks that started it all. Sit back, relax and get your favorite drink as we take you through the list!

Nike Dunk Low SP Syracuse

Ponk’s Not Dead!

Totally iconic in the orange and white colorway. Wearable and simple is where the charm lies when it comes to this shoe. We say it’s a more affordable alternative to the “Shattered Backboards” without anyone approaching you asking “how the leather on these, Bruh?” 

Nike Dunk High Varsity Maize 

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Wu is for the Children!

Based from the Iowa / Wu-Tang Dunks, these dropped just before 2020 ended. The best thing about them is that they kind of were slept on. The quality of the shoe is so good. The only complaint we have about them is that they missed the yellow tongue lining on the OGs.

Nike Dunk Low SP “St. John” 

Just clean and bloody.

Truly one of the most recognizable Dunks of all time, this one is a banger! Call it a tamed down Chicago version or whatever, they just strike you visually! There’s just something special about this shoe and how they will look better with the eventual yellowing and yes… creasing!

Nike Dunk High Spartan Green

A certain shade of green!

Care for earth tones? Well these are perfect for any shade of color. From camouflage to neon, these will do you just right. Just a bit different from the Boston Celtics green but that’s fine by us.

Nike Dunk High Michigan

Wolverine Blues

A nice loud colorway that reminds us of vintage Wolverine, this one just grabs at you and gives you the pop of color you need! Even the simplest of fits will look bangin’ when you rock this one!

Nike Dunk Low SP Samba

All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi!

A part of the Nike Co.JP series, the hints of carbon fiber and the Pepsi-like colorway is nothing short of iconic and nostalgic. Can you say retro? yes it is just that and it’s perfectly done!

Nike Dunk Low SP Kentucky

Simple and clean.

If you’re into shades of blue with a clean silhouette, then these lows are perfect for you. Nothing more to say about these. Just a well constructed shoe with the perfect color blocking that scream “Classics” from a mile away.

Nike Dunk Low Community Garden

Those tones of nature, man.

This dynamic shoe is a texture/color fest! Decked out in canvas, this shoe is appealing enough even for the most skeptic sneaker fan. The patterns, the weird color shade for the laces and the swoosh, they all somehow work to make for a cohesive sneaker colorway and design!

Nike Dunk Low SP Champ Colors

Pharrell misses Virginia.

Based on the University Of Virginia colors, this pair is a simple yet impactful shoe that doesn’t scrimp on style. There’s just something about these two color combos that draw you in and cop them on the spot!

Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic

Not ugly in our book.

A part of Nike’s Co.JP efforts, this shoe is one third of the “Ugly Duckling” pack that boasts of fine suede and the weirdest color blocking that somehow works. Ask any OG sneakerhead and they will tell you how these were super hot in the mid 2000s. This shoe is a time machine!

That wraps up our top Nike Dunks (non-SB) picks from 2020! Just to let you guys know that this is our opinion only! Do let us know what Dunks made your list. We based this on quality, colorway, concept and overall shoe impact. Hell, we didn’t even base them on resell value.

While we are on the topic, you should check out these SB Dunks inspired by an ACG classic. 


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