Over the past months, we’ve been met with an overwhelming amount of new collaborations and colorways surrounding the adidas A-ZX collection. The brand with three stripes has not failed to wow sneakerheads and streetwear fans alike as they provide out of the box ideas implemented within each sneaker.

Although we’ve seen numerous different iterations, the alphabet has not yet been completed, which means there is more to come. In the meantime, let’s look back at the best colorways and designs so far!


First, on the list, we got the ZX 8000 BAPE X UNDFTD. Like all other BAPE products, we are met with their iconic camouflage motif. This is partnered with black, white, and gold detailing that just makes the entire sneaker pop. Serving as an important collaboration for the A-ZX collection, this sneaker had to make the list.

ZX 8000 Frozen Lemonade

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Next, we got the most recent release from the collection, The ZX 8000 Frozen Lemonade. With this sneaker, we have two icons: the silhouette itself, and the unofficial drink of Summer. With great use of contrast between green and yellow, we get a really fresh pair.

ZX 8000 LEGO

The ZX 8000 LEGO sneakers may very well be one of Adidas’ most iconic collaborations in the future. Both brands are seen in full effect through the colorful lego bricks as well as iconic three stripe branding.

ZX 5000 University of Miami

While most sneakers from the A-ZX collection are loud, the ZX 5000 University of Miami takes a totally different direction. With essentially only three colors, this sneaker is as crisp as it gets. Whether you’re a fan of “The U” or the sneaker itself, you can’t go wrong with this pair.

ZX 5000 Vieux Lyon

With a more elaborate design, we have the ZX 5000 Vieux Lyon. Not only does this pair look good, but it carries history as it pays homage to Vieux Lyon, the French town. The upper boasts an opulent jacquard fabric that was first created in the location.

ZX 8000 Superstar

An Adidas icon meets another Adidas icon through the ZX 8000 Superstar. When we say this collection makes use of out of the box ideas, this is what we mean. Adidas took the ZX 8000 silhouette and printed an archive photo of Adidas Superstar sneakers across the upper to create a neck-breaking illusion.

ZX 5000 National Park Foundation

The ZX 5000 National Park Foundation (Joshua Tree) shows off the vibrant colors seen in the park itself. For those who haven’t been, this sneaker takes you one step closer to experiencing the beauty of nature regardless of where you are.

ZX 10000 Meissen

Last, but not least, we have the ZX 10000 Meissen. This shoe is a collaborative effort between Adidas and Europe’s oldest porcelain manufacturer, making the sneaker practically an heirloom. As they were made in Germany, the sneaker incorporates an elegant floral print, similar to the design we see on a fine piece of porcelain.

That concludes the list of our favorite pairs from the Adidas A-ZX collection so far! Are we missing any sneaker? Let us know in the comments below! To see more from the collection head over to these articles on the Simpsons-themed ZX Sneaker and the Torsion ZX Sneaker.


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