The Filipino pop group SB19 dropped an emotive new single, ‘MAPAunder Sony Music this May 16, — a sentimental departure from their more upbeat tracks. This song is set to touch the hearts of its listeners, turning them into an emotional wreck.

SB 19 is a five-member Filipino boy band consisting of Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin. They were formed by ShowBT Philippines, the Philippine subsidiary of ShowBT Group in Korea, and underwent the same rigorous training process provided to K-pop idols. Their rise to fame had a rocky start but currently, their recognition and popularity have gained them a strong international fanbase. Several Youtube reaction videos, including that of their new song ‘MAPA’, made by creators of different nationalities showcase the group’s fame.

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A Love Letter to All Our Parents

The SB19 song “Mapa” is a magnification of Filipino values, specifically our love, honor, and respect towards our parents. No matter what the state of your relationship is with your family as of this moment, this song is relatable and tugs at everyone’s heartstrings. Embedded within the song’s lyrics is the heart’s cry of every working Filipino to give the best for our parents as a sign of gratitude for all that they have done. The timing of MAPA’s release is sublime, right smack in the middle between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The universal message and nature of the song touch on family, making the song’s release timely amidst this pandemic, as a reminder of valuing the things that are truly important.

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The SB19 song “MAPA” is very symbolic right from the get-go with its title. Mapa in English translates to the word “map”, however, the track references one that we bring with us as we grow old. It’s the map containing all the values, morals, hardships, words said and not said, and many more that our parents have imparted to us that will always continue to guide us. The title can also be broken down to “Ma” and “Pa”, referencing “mama” and “papa” respectively, terms of endearment used to call our parents making this a very personal song for them as well.

“It implies that our parents serve as our guide and direction in life. We released this song to show gratitude and appreciation for helping us survive all the challenges and difficulties that we’ve encountered growing up,” Pablo said in a press release.

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The song itself takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we are forcibly urged to reminisce all the treasured moments we have with our family. There is a lullaby type of sound to this track which the group intended and even served as inspiration as they created the song. It almost serves as a symbolic turn of events as the children are now the ones now singing a heartfelt message that gives rest and security to the parents.

“Pablo first composed the melody, getting inspiration from a lullaby that his mother would sing to him when he was a child. He wanted to make a song that conveys the feeling of being taken care of by one’s parents. He proceeded to write lyrics that equate our parents as the ‘map’ that guides us to be the best versions of ourselves.” said Josh.

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The Rise of A New Breed of Filipino Talent

The talent in vocal techniques and song-writing for the new generation of OPM artists is on another level. Regardless of genre, Filipino artists continue to create heartfelt songs with powerful messages. In the world of Philippine Pop or known as PPOP, SB19 is taking the lead for a new generation of artists to take ownership of a specific sound and style.  The group has already received several distinctions such as being the first Filipino and Southeast Asian act to be nominated in the Billboard Music Awards for the Top Social Artist category. They also became the first Southeast Asian act to enter the Top 10 of Billboard Social 50 weekly and year-end charts. They currently have an album entitled Get in the Zone and two singles; “What?” and “MAPA”.

Interestingly enough, the name SB19 was taken from the initials of their Korean management company, ShowBT, while the number 19 was taken from the country codes of South Korea (+82) and the Philippines (+63). This group intends to show off the culmination of the different cultures that have influenced and helped them get to where they are today. There is one thing that is certain, the pride and nationalism that we have as Filipinos continue to increase and strengthen because of artists like SB19 who are courageous and persistent enough to showcase their roots and talent. To satisfy all your OPM “cravings” check out our article on Ben & Ben& New Single Upuan


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