Ariana Grande might want to reconsider her “7 rings” lyric now, since the signer has officially tied the knot with real estate agent Dalton Gomez last May 17. Grande and Gomez began dating in January of 2020 and the couple was engaged by December of the same year. The two officially wed in an intimate ceremony in Grande’s home in Montecito, California a few days ago.

Who is Dalton Gomez?

Dalton has mostly lived his life outside of showbiz. He is a budding real estate tycoon working as a buyer’s agent for the Aaron Kirman Group, a luxury company in Los Angeles. In his profile, it is written that Dalton “holds one of the largest Rolodexes of A-list buyers” and is “connecting many high profile deals across the city”.

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How it all started

According to reports, the couple first met when Grande was looking for a home outside Los Angeles before the pandemic began. That was when Los Angeles-based real estate agent, investor, and the boss of Gomez, Aaron Kirman stepped in and recommended Dalton to the pop star.

The news regarding the wedding came as a shock to many of Grande’s fans due to the quick turn of events involving her love life. The two were very adamant about having their wedding day sooner than later as they anticipated jam-packed schedules for both of them. But despite the accelerated pace of their relationship, it was clear that the couple grew very close right from the get-go. The romance between the two had been brewing especially when the pop star had the real estate agent come in for a cameo for her “Stuck with U” music video featuring Justin Bieber.

Despite a busy year ahead for Ariana Grande, which includes her stint as the newest coach for The Voice, they both look forward to spending more time with each other as the singer sticks closer to home in Los Angles.

A Simple Backyard Wedding

The Grande-Gomez wedding was beautiful but not too extravagant. The couple was said to be surrounded by hundreds of white flowers during the ceremony, creating a very simple yet tasteful atmosphere. There were no more than 20 guests for the special occasion which included the couple’s respective families as they all showed their full support for the newlyweds. The celebration started sometime in the afternoon of Monday and ran all the way till the late evening.

There are still a lot of details that have not yet been disclosed regarding the couple’s wedding including their photos, which we’re sure everyone is looking forward to seeing. The fact remains, however, that both of them are truly in love and are excited for the days that lie ahead. And we’re all excited to see how Ariana’s new outlook on life will reflect on her music.

Speaking of, this is the perfect time to binge on Ariana’s existing catalog, which is a fitting reminder that it’s okay to say “thank u next” to your ex/s for your one and only is waiting right around the corner.

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