Filipino visual artist Quiccs proves his creativity and innovation once again in a different platform. With face masks being a new fashion statement, Quiccs’ TEQMASK V2 is sure to disrupt the market.

The TEQMASK V2 design is simple yet bold. It is also sure to catch people’s attention because of how unique it is. Made of cloth material, the face mask features a slot for soft masks or other filter materials.

The TEQMASK V2 boasts a simple yet bold design

Quiccs’ TEQMASK V2 looks easy on the eyes and also seems like it is an easy and comfortable face mask to wear. The shape of the face mask makes sure to cover your nose well. The garter material for the ear loops also puts comfort and convenience at the forefront.

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As an artist with much talent and creativity, Quiccs’ TEQMASK V2 isn’t the only face mask he’s working on. The Filipino artist has also made a 3D prototype face mask in partnership with RLUX Customs. The TEQ63 “Tactical Halfmask” is a 3D face mask that’s definitely levels above the classic surgical mask.

The TEQ63’s design can be described in one word: badass. Wearing this face mask will make you feel like you’re living a post-apocalyptic movie in real life.

The TEQ63 will feature an option for an N95 filter layer. It will also feature sturdy garterized straps wrapped around the back of the head and neck. The best news is that it will come in two different sizes to cater to as many people as possible.

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TEQ63 "Tactical Halfmask" @rlux.customs x @quiccs ⚠️ Product Update ⚠️ — As seen on yesterday's Bulletpunk Network Show! Our friends from @rlux.customs via @theamorrison showcased an early version of our actual prototype of the TEQ63 "Tactical Halfmask" slated to be released real soon! — We still have work to do on the straps, an N95 filter layer option, final finishings with a hint of weathering, and some detailing adjustments. We will do the preorder event once we have done the finished prototype which will be used in the final production. Estimated time for this is in 2-3 weeks from now! Thank you for your patience guys! Stay safe! — #teq63 #quiccs #tactical #halfmask #bulletpunk #survivalofthefittest #thebulletpunknetwork

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Quicc’s TEQMASK V2 dropped on Friday, June 12, and was quick to sell out. We’re already keeping tabs for the restock as we write this! Meanwhile, the TEQ63 “Tactical Halfmask” is still under the production stage but will soon be open for pre-orders.

To get more updates on when you can cop these face masks, follow Quiccs on Instagram or visit his website, Hidden Fortress.


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