With Razer going beyond being a brand that offers gaming peripherals, its latest addition to its lifestyle collection is a sneaker that is made in collaboration with Cariuma. Called the Sneki Snek sneaker, the Razer and Cariuma collaboration is designed like a skate shoe with its vulcanized midsole.

The sneaker itself is dressed in dominant black, with neon green serving as accent colors. Razer’s Sneki Snek mascot appears on the lateral side of the sneaker, and the upper is made from organic cotton canvas and recycled plastics.

The outsole is made from slip-resistant natural rubber, while the insole is vegan–with materials like cork, mamona oil, and bio-based memory foam used for it.

The sneaker is made as part of Razer’s advocacy for sustainability. Cariuma, for their part, champions forest reforestation, where they are committed to plant a pair of trees for every pair of sneakers purchased. On top of that, Razer and Cariuma state that a pair can save 10 trees.

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The Razer x Cariuma Sneki Snek Sneakers is priced at $89(~Php 4.7k) for the all-black, low-cut version.

Aside from an all-black, low-cut version, Cariuma and Razer also shared photos of the high-cut version and a black/white colorway for both models. No word yet as to when those models will be made available.


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