In this day and age especially now that most of us have learned to entertain ourselves indoors from the comforts of our home, vinyl records have given us this new rush and excitement. Whether you’re after the format size, the sound, and its sheer collectibility, there’s something for everyone. Here are some true-to-life tips on collecting vinyl records and enjoying the colorful hobby–aside from getting a record player first and foremost that is.

5 Tips If You’re Getting Into Vinyl Record Collecting

  • Do Your Research
  • If You’re Not Listening to it More Than Twice, Walk Away
  • Always Buy What You Want
  • Stop Being in a Hurry
  • Find a Trusted Seller

1. Do Your Research

Whether its for a metal or K-Pop record, it pays to know what exactly you’re looking for. If it’s a Metallica record that was originally from the 80’s, best know more about it before pulling the trigger on a reissue. In vinyl, there are so many versions that you can easily be led to think you’re hitting the jackpot. Online knowledge is free so go take advantage of it.

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2. If You’re Not Listening to it More Than Twice, Walk Away.

In the realm of vinyl records, it’s easy to fall for the extensive album covers, color vinyl, and all that. If you can’t imagine spinning the same record more than 5x in your collecting lifetime, stay away.

3. Always Buy What You Want

Stop listening to others and go for what you like. So what if your Pantera record is displayed next to Blackpink, Twice, The Weeknd, and Adele? There’s no accounting for taste, so just enjoy it.

4. Stop Being in a Hurry

Don’t fall for the completist hype. If you like just one album from an artist, that’s fine. You need not pay an arm and a leg for the whole catalog. It’s all good, so take your time. Collections have stories behind them so do build them the way you want.

5. Find a Trusted Seller

Nowadays, it’s easy to find a store and let them do the hunting for hard-to-find titles. This way, you can save on shipping and customs fees. Most of all, it pays to have a relationship with a store that knows what you want. Ever heard of “suggestive selling?” Most sellers here in the Philippines are collectors too. Who knows? They might sell you a rare title off their personal stash right?

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