Once again, Adele has the power of her voice by getting her request for Spotify to remove the shuffle button as the default option when playing an album. The singer took to Twitter to explain why she made the request.  Spotify replied tweeting “Anything for you” In another statement, they shared that this has been a request of a lot of artist and users for a while. This move requested by Adele is now being applied to other artists’ works as well.

Thoughts on the hidden Spotify shuffle button

We haven’t really thought about it,  but now we realize that we have been using Spotify’s shuffle button on default for ages. We tried listening to Adele’s 30 the way it was was intended to and it does make sense. It’s sort of like seeing a curated art exhibit or a fashion show. You understand it better when you see it from the perspective its creator or curator.

There you are!

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Having said that, let’s not forget that the shuffle button just hidden—not gone. The setting is still available at the now playing mode’s options. Hearing things on shuffle also has its perks. For instance, there’s also the beauty of being surprised by the next song that plays. Also, not everyone has the time to listen to an album from start to finish every time they open it, so it makes sense to just shuffle it.

Truly, music has evolved from our high school days when people brought Walkmans to school. Now that was a way you could be forced to listen to an album in the correct order. What’s your favorite music milestone so far?

Thoughts on Spotify’s hidden shuffle button? Is more of marketing stunt or really an effort to help musicians present the album they worked tirelessly on?

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