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Jollibee has been on top of the food chain for almost an eternity. They have always been consistent with their menu and people love it. I call them the GOAT of the fastfood industry here in the Philippines as people from all walks of life swear by their delicious yet predictable food palette. But once in awhile, Jollibee will do throw us some unexpected curveballs here and there to spice things up… and here’s one of them: the Jollibee Chick’nwich. We’ve tapped a good friend of ours to dig in and give us an honest to goodness breakdown of what he thinks of this one…

What’s New 

Basically a Chickenjoy on bread is what you’d think of but there’s so much more. Boasting of a 1.25-inch thick patty, the chicken to breading ratio is pretty good. As you all know, it’s the super crispy breading that makes Jollibee chicken one to crave for so that’s a plus.

Nino Reantaso

One thing also is the bread which is brioche-like in softness as well as the umami mayo sauce—if there’s a downside, it’s the lack of that sauce, and same goes for the pickle—which is just one slice.

How does it Taste? 

Very juicy, crispy and flavorful. No wonder it’s the talk of the town lately. The mix of the umami mayo sauce, the nice chicken texture and taste contrasts well with the crispy breading that the Bee is acclaimed for. 

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Compared to chicken giant KFC, that’s what they should work on as the sauce serving on this one is pretty thin for such a size for a sandwich.

Nino Reantaso

Compared to the Zinger, this one is on a different plane but if you’re to ask us- from the patty, to the bread, this beats KFC’s heavyweight surprisingly. 

Nino Reantaso

The Price 

At Php 143 for the sandwich, and Php 193 with fries and drink (We upgraded to criss cut fries if you’re curious) we say it’s worth the Pesos you spend. It’s particularly a filling meal if you get the set meal for that complete sandwich experience.


Jollibee Chick’nwich Review Verdict 

If you’re into Jollibee food and you want something to refresh your tastebuds, then by all means this one is recommended. It’s a given that Jollibee’s chicken is truly one of the best out there and to taste it in sandwich form is truly a Godsend. Believe the hype!

In other food related stuff, we’ve also tried out the 7-Eleven Vegan offerings a few weeks ago.

Nino Reantaso


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