Ed Sheeran New Single Bad Habits
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Ed Sheeran’s songs have serenaded the world for years. His tender, raspy-smooth vocals and array of sweet, catchy, or ethereal melodies have garnered global success with songs like Thinking Out Loud and Perfect. Such success and genius have earned him awards from the Grammys, American Music Awards, and People’s Choice Award, to name a few.

Recently, the crooner had fans excited because he finally has a new solo single up his sleeve and it’s launching on June 25. Entitled Bad Habits, this new Ed Sheeran single follows after Afterglow–which released in December 2020.

From the vampire-inspired looks to the eerie-pop sound in the teaser, it looks like it’s going to something in the realm of the dance-inducing track Shape of You, but since Sheeran loves to surprise his audience, we just have to wait and see.

The singer has also hinted at a collaboration with Friends star Courtney Cox when he posted an instrumental video of them playing together. Cox has been channeling her love and talent for music for a while, posting videos featuring her daughter and other artists, the most recent being Sheeran and Sir Elton John.

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If our thoughts on the upcoming solo single are correct, Bad Habits is bound to be a very welcome contrast to his latest release, Afterglow, which has a mellow and calming melody and beat. We’re definitely keeping an eye on his one, and we can’t wait for what Ed Sheeran has in store for Bad Habits.

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