adidas has been leading the way in sneaker innovation with its 4D midsole tech. The standout tech even made its way into a fusion UltraBoost sneaker that combines the best of both worlds.

adidas definitely wants to make 4D more mainstream, which is why the new 4DFWD that is coming to the Philippines is set to be the Three Stripes’ most affordable 4D sneaker to date.

Using the same 4D tech adidas has developed in partnership with Carbon, the 4DFWD’s bowtie-shaped FWD CELL comprises 5 million possible lattice structures and is made of 39% bio-based material, making the sneaker a sustainable one at that. The new 4D design is designed to compress forward upon vertical impact, which translates to better performance compared to previous-generation 4D sneakers and is almost at par with UltraBoost midsoles.

For the upper, you are getting a PrimeKnit+ tech that makes use of historical mapping data for optimal support and fit while keeping its breathability.

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To prove its overall performance, adidas has tested the 4DFWD extensively at the University of Calgary, where adidas collaborated with its team of runners across the globe to optimize its overall design for the best possible running experience.

“We took inspiration from the first-generation 4D lattice midsole and set ourselves the challenge to take it to the next level, coding millions of potential lattice structures to see if we could specifically design to counter negative mechanical forces experienced during running,” adidas running vice president Sam Handy said.

adidas 4DFWD Philippines Release Date

The next 4D sneaker will drop on May 15 for Php 9,990. Its pricing makes it the most affordable 4D adidas sneaker to date and is the first one to have an under-Php 10k price tag. It also makes it priced closer to most UltraBoost sneakers, giving sneaker enthusiasts more options for the said price segment.


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