Nowadays, it’s so easy to hoard and hoard stuff especially now that we are mostly stuck at home. From sneakers to toys, to clothing and even records/albums, one can only imagine how one can amass a giant lineup of stuff just by buying online and scanning social media.

Of course, there are collectors who’ve made a name for themselves with collecting, meaning they get paid to do it by sharing it on social media and the like. But for us mere mortals, we can only dream. Until then, streamlining should be considered. 


So we at This Is Hype PH decided to be the devil’s advocate and give you some tips before you end up with a stockroom with a bed. Read on! 

On Sneakers

Nice Kicks

Seriously, do you really need every Jordan, SB, and Yeezy that comes out? I mean, the cool sneakerhead in you does want them but do you really need ALL of them? Consider how the weather is in the Philippines and assess how many shoes have given up on you over time. I’m not saying you should be monk-like that ends up with one pair of shoes but it pays to have a well-rounded rotation.

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Sneaker Freaker

You have more power if you have grails in the glass case, BUT unless you want to be Bigboy Cheng, who is really a hardcore collector and has the means for storage, keep it to a wearable minimum. The heartbreak is real when a deadstock shoe you paid for with your 13th month gives up on youand we all know that story too well!

On Clothing/Streetwear

You only have one body, and you can only wear one outfit a day unless you got a paparazzi tailing you and you need to look fly every damn day. We’d say this: keep it simple. Do you really need a Northface Supreme jacket here? Imagine how you’d rock that on a sunny day? Sure, the occasional costly collab tee will work but as much as we’d hate to admit it, most end up in the closet. It is best to keep a manageable amount of clothing and rotate it. Vintage shirts? That’s great because it promotes upcyclingbut unless you’re Sean Wotherspoon, you don’t need a hundred vintage pieces.

On Toys/Collectibles

If your toy collection looks like a rock concert crowd for the Wembley Stadium, then maybe it’s time to streamline. How many versions would you want to have? We understand the hype of it all, but if you can barely see them because of the number, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate them much. Think of art galleries: they value the space in between as they do when it comes to their displays. Keep the masterpieces/grails and do away with the clutter.

On Vinyl Records

No, you don’t really need 5 versions of the same record. You just need the best copy. Invest in the best versions with the best packaging and go keep that. Ignore the added fluff when it comes to special colored vinyl and all that.

Case in point: do you really need to get ALL four versions of Blackpink’s debut album?

Pick one or two and move on. It’s a matter of keeping the best and being proud of it. KPOP completists, we are looking at you! haha.

So there: good luck in thinning the herd and sorting out which ones are your true grails!

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