Ah yes, sneakers! Just the thought of them makes us happy all over. They are like rays of light to an otherwise gloomy day. Seeing and rocking them just sends a surge of energy all over, much like a nourishing breakfast!

What if we told you that there is a genius of a shoe, that has combined the best elements of design and color blocking so tasty that they would look good on feet as much as the breakfast table with eggs and coffee?

Introducing the Nike Air Max 90 DQM, also known as Bacon. We’ve raved about this shoe even before they dropped. They caused so much hype that they were selling for crazy prices that we had to look the other way. It was a shoe that caused so much fandom, that Dave Ortiz, the owner of Dave’s Quality Meat, is still in awe of its iconic status in today’s fickle-minded sneaker scene.

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As you can see, it is inspired by bacon–arguably everyone’s favorite meat. With Dave Ortiz chewing on a bacon sandwich, a stroke of craziness just took over and he designed this with a friend beating the deadline Nike has given him. Spontaneous and very organic, the Nike Air Max 90 DQM back in 2004 was the shoe to have. It was fun and carefree, and it was a sight for sore eyes among its black and grayed out contemporaries care of Stash, Futura, and the like.

Fast forward to 2021, we are blessed with this shoe again. Safe to say, it’s supposed to be getting more hype than it got. It’s a historic shoe that has a very fun and engaging story to match.

Sure, some pairs may be more valuable when it comes to market value, but these pairs are major head turners. Sneakerheads will always recognize a heat shoe, but these will even get the attention of everyday folk who appreciate what they see.

The lace options are a plus in red and pink which we will lace up in the future. But for now? The fleshy laces just look good on them. We can imagine taking a bite out of this pair just because they look like the subject of inspiration… the bacon we all love!

So it brings us to the next topic. Why the decline in market value and hype? We are guessing today’s sneakerheads don’t really pay much attention to history and that’s a fact. But also maybe it’s Nike’s failure to tell the shoe’s story in such a way that people can appreciate them. In a perfect world, sneakers with a story do make for grail status, but that’s just us.

All in all, these are bacon-inspired shoes, they are nice and they really are close to retail if you find them hard enough. Time to fry these things.

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