What if there was a place that you could go to that contained all the grails that you could possibly fathom? I’m talking about the rarest shoes, toylines, basketball cards, you name it. That’s the idea behind Unbox GH — the one-stop shop for both avid collectors and up-and-coming local businesses. This July 19 marked the grand opening of Unbox GH at Promenade Hall located on the 2nd floor of Promenade II Greenhills. Unbox GH is the brainchild of Carlo Ople, Felix Acuna, Mike Gomez, and Atty. Rob Ty. The Unbox GH space officially opened on Saturday at 1 pm, to a pretty long line of (socially distanced) people. We checked out the shop for ourselves during the weekend and found a dreamland for collectors and fans of pop culture.

What to Expect Inside Unbox GH

Every inch of the space is maximized for an immersive experience for collectors while giving shoppers a chill atmosphere. As you check out the different available options of collectible toys, shoes, and other products the satisfying whiff of coffee that penetrates your face mask and shield is meant to consume and entice you.

Unbox GH ensures that its patrons and shoppers are safe as they roam around the space. There are safety protocols in place such as the wearing of face masks and shields, and there is even an area for contact tracing with the provision of rubbing alcohol at the entrance before you enter the hall. There may be a waiting period before you enter the space which is also a part of the safety procedures of Unbox GH to ensure that only a limited number of people are in the space at a given time, in accordance with the IATF’s protocols.

As you enter Promenade Hall, you will be greeted by two life-sized statues of Thor and Superman (which are also for sale). On the rightmost side near the entrance is a Grail Wall containing the rarest shoes and collectibles that are a must-have for die-hard and serious collectors.

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As you travel even further to the middle, you’ll be able to grab a soothing cup of coffee or a scrumptious snack. Stores such as Pop n’ Shop, Solid Toys, The Cardboard Corner, and Drew Express are all lined up on the right side of the area, all providing various toy and card collectibles from Funko Pops to Quiccs and many more.

The area all the way at the back contains the Steal Cabinet which features an array of different shoes for a very affordable price which is also beside the Project 7 to 1 area, featuring merch from Carlo Ople himself.

At the center of everything are the Seller’s Cabinets which can be rented out to entrepreneurs or collectors looking to sell various products. The cabinets available now can contain some really awesome steals from shoes, NBA cards, different gadgets, and collectible toys as well. There are some cabinets from celebrity personalities such as Jed Madela, Chinkee Tan, and Alodia Gosiengfiao just to name a few who will have several products and goodies which can be purchased at the store. In addition to all of these, there are is an array of local products that are available in some of the cabinets which are worth checking out.

Not Your Typical Space/Store

What sets Unbox GH apart from any other store or space available today is its role in pushing pop-culture especially here in the Philippines, forward. Beyond being a go-to spot for collectors and enthusiasts with different hobbies and passions, the place serves as a meeting point for people with different interests together in one space. This is what is unique about the culture and atmosphere that occurs in Unbox GH the minute you step into Promenade Hall – it’s a safe space for enjoyment for everyone, stripped of any judgment or personal preference, all celebrating the passions and interests that make us human and individually unique.

In addition to this, Unbox GH also creates a safe space for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and businesses to start. Whether it’s a so-called side hustle or a means to start a thriving business from the ground up, this single space provides an avenue for learning, building relationships, and celebrating the interests of each individual. The opportunities of these businesses also go beyond the physical store as opportunities to sell can occur remotely with digital sales occurring on platforms such as Lazada.

“We put up Unbox Greenhills to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs focused on collectibles despite the pandemic. The way to beat this virus and still thrive is to band together and collaborate. With Unbox, we are a family of over 100 businesses coming together. Sama sama tayo babangon at aangat ulit!” said Carlo Ople

Unbox GH is your one-stop-shop for almost everything that you can think of. Drop by  Promenade Hall located on the 2nd floor of Promenade II Greenhills and check out the plethora of products that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

For those who are interested to sell your collectibles, get your hands on a cabinet or box to make a living out of your hobby today. Send them a message on their Facebook or Instagram account or you may message us at this number: (0917) 317 0178 for more details.


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