Supreme has always been synonymous with luxury. After all, this brand is no stranger in collaborations with high end brands. Louis Vuitton may just be their most notorious and this recent one probably adds to that equation.

The Hype Appeal 

This Supreme collaboration with Tiffany & Co. is probably one of their fastest selling ones to date. The collection boasts of accessories to give some Tiffany classics a skate/ urban aesthetic and hypebeast appeal.

Recently launched AND sold out last November 11, it seems that the two brands have more in common than naysayers would have thought. Imagine, the infamous Supreme box logo and Tiffany’s most coveted jewelry pieces? If that combo doesn’t excite the inner hype monster in you, we don’t know what will.

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Diamonds Aren’t New to the Streetwear Landscape

We also have to mention that it’s not the first time Tiffany is cross marketed with streetwear as 2005 saw the debut of the Diamond Supply Co. X Diamond AKA Tiffany Dunk SB’s—a shoe that miraculously did not get any cease and desist order from the jewelry company.

That shoe single handedly sparked a connection that skate culture, sneakers and luxury items can be on one wavelength—which is an organic feat in itself.

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Make it Luxurious but…Street Edged 

Both brands have stated through their respective social media pages: “Inspired by pieces originally launched in the 1960s, the Return to Tiffany collection features a Heart Tag Pendant, Oval Tag Pearl Necklace, Star Bracelet, Heart Tag Stud Earrings, Heart Knife Key Ring, Oval Tag Keyring and T-Shirt.”

Probably the most “street” item from the collection is the the brand’s iconic Heart Key – the Supreme collab highlights a pocket knife inside it, once again bearing the iconic box logo.

The Hate and Love was Real 

The overall reaction was mixed as some were all over it. But then there are some who say the two brands more of clashed than collaborated. – all that hate were thrown out the window quick as the collection sold out really quick from the Supreme site.

Gone for Reselling 

The pieces from the collaboration has already popped up on resell sites and groups in true blue Supreme fashion. People can hate all they want, but this Supreme X Tiffany and Co. Collaboration may be one of their best, loudest and most coveted among their fans. Frankly, we can’t wait what company Supreme is collaborating with in the coming months.

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