2021 has definitely been filled with lots of excellent K-pop music that kept us dancing and energized, especially during days when we felt tired or lethargic. We love how K-pop can boost one’s mood and lift the spirit because of its positive energy and electric sound. From Twice, Aespa, to BTS, join us as we do a rundown of our favorites for the year 2021.

This Is Hype’s Best In Music For 2021 (K-Pop)

  • The Feels – Twice
  • Savage – Aespa
  • Money – Blackpink’s Lisa
  • Permission to Dance – BTS
  • Butter – BTS

The Feels – Twice

The Feels is the first original English single by Twice. Indeed, 2021 was a busy year for the group. Last January, the group appeared in the Time 100 Talks series by Time magazine via live stream broadcast where they also performed Depend On You from their Eyes Wide Open album. The song is a very girly and fierce track.  JYP Entertainment describes the song as “a fast-tempo disco-pop track that combines groovy bass sounds and disco synth beats” We particularly love the offering’s strong basses as well as the sassy statement bits like “You have stolen my heart”

Savage – aespa

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“Don’t You Know I’m A Savage?” is such a powerful opening and you’ll have no choice but listen to the rest of the song. We love the hip-hop elements of the song, fused into feminine tunes and vocals. Its music video delivers as well, giving the listeners a dose of swag, complimented by that signature K-pop fashion we love.

Money – Blackpink’s LISA

Oh, Lisa. We knew you were queen, but the catchiness of this song is on another level. This is such a confidence-boosting song that can get you hyped any time of the day. The music video that accompanies this track is just as good and world-class from the costumes, choreography, and overall direction. We definitely can’t wait for Lisa’s future work and witness her growth as an artist.

Permission To Dance – BTS

This song has become the unofficial anthem of hope and positivity amidst the challenging times. It’s such a feel-good song—and really catchy at that—but not to the point of being irritating. Kudos to BTS for always surprising us with the good stuff!

Butter – BTS

The song is as smooth as butter, light as cotton candy, and is definitely a classic in the making. With the release of Butter comes a version featuring Megan Thee Stallion that adds the rapper’s winning hip hop flare into the mix. The more you listen to Butter, the more you’re drawn into its melody. We’re certainly excited for what 2022 has for this prolific group with so much talent!

Of course, this barely touches all the amazing Korean music we’ve heard this 2021. For instance, On The Ground by Blackpink’s Rose is also another winner. My Universe by Coldplay featuring BTS also deserves a special mention. Though it’s technically not K-pop, it is a breakthrough in merging K-pop with the music of an iconic rock band. We also liked Blackpink for Blackpink: The Movie (which we love) and the 2021 Blackpink: The Show online concert. Of course, who will ever be able to forget BTS’ Permission to Dance online and face-to-face concert?

We’re definitely looking forward to what these artists have for 2022.

This ends our list for This Is Hype’s Best In Music For 2021 (K-Pop). Don’t forget to check out our top picks for OPM and Western Pop, only on This is Hype.


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