Collaborations are basically where it’s at. When two brands agree to release something that’s a combination of their trademark DNAs, it makes for something new, fresh and exciting. That’s exactly the case for these two prominent brands from the Filipino streetwear scene: REVERE and WSH.

Both Pinoy brands have recently joined efforts for a capsule collection that seamlessly combine their strengths into a cohesive collection that speaks of their passion for craftsmanship and design expertise.

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REVERE is a streetwear brand that originates from its hometown Davao, growing into its own by reaching Metropolitan Manila. Embraced by skate, fashion, and streetwear communities, they have come into their own branding and look.

On the same wavelength but practically a different animal, WSH is a brand known for its surrealist-themed art style and graphics, making its releases distinct and interesting.

Both REVERE and WSH have expressed that this collection aims for a sharp art direction into cut-and-sewn garments. Philosophical and surrealist insights have been common factors in both brands’ efforts which brings them together organically for a lineup of products that they consider a milestone.

Composed of wearables and utility items that call for everyday wear, the collection is indeed a solid lineup. And in times like these, independent brands deserve all the love they can get.

You can now cop the collection via the REVERE website now. While the cap is already sold out as of this writing, you can still cop the tees, rugby shirt, and keychain.

On the other hand: speaking of products that are so hyped that they practically impossible to cop at retail, here’s what Titan Manila recently did for their latest shoe release. 



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