Ever since the resale price of limited sneakers exceeded their retail price, people were quick to find a way to capitalize on the situation and make a couple of extra bucks. While some sneakerheads would camp outside shoe stores to score a limited release, others would pay people to camp out for them. However, as the demand for hype sneakers such as Air Jordans, Yeezys, and Collaborations grew, the methods of buying these sneakers for resale evolved.

Nowadays, sneakerheads who are trying to cop a sneaker aren’t battling other people, they’re battling online bots and individuals who fake their identity to get their hands on more than one pair. Titan Manila aims to put a stop to this practice through the application of their new anti-scalping measures for limited releases such as the Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low.

Titan’s New Anti-Scalping Measures

The new measures Titan Manila has applied involve several steps for the Titan team to ensure that the buyer is who they say they are and does not intend to merely resell the sneaker for a premium price. The step by step process carried out during the Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low release last week is as follows:

  1. Create a valid Zoom account and change your display name to full legal name and your US Men’s size.
  2. Await the Zoom meeting ID to be posted on Titan’s IG stories at a later time.
  3. Make sure you remain in the waiting room as participants will randomly be allowed entry one at a time.
  4. Once you are selected to enter the Zoom room, you will be requested to turn on your video and audio and present your valid ID to the Titan team.
  5. A Titan representative will gather required information: Full name, shipping address, mobile number, e-mail address. You will be asked to show an actual valid government photo ID/valid school ID for verification during the call.
  6. Once verification is complete, you will be asked to exit the Zoom room.
  7. Winning entries will be sent an invoice and payment instruction by email shortly, please complete payment within the deadline indicated to avoid forfeiture.

Anti-Scalping Measures Review

Pre-covid Yeezy release at Adidas Uptown Mall

Based on the process carried out by Titan Manila last week during their most recent limited sneaker release, the anti-scalping measures are very extensive. As compared to previous mechanics of joining limited sneaker releases, there has been quite a leap from simple to complicated. On top of all that, not being chosen to purchase the sneaker is even more painful now as you must dedicate more time throughout the process by having to wait in the Zoom waiting room.

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On the bright side, because of how extensive the new process is, Titan is able to weed out those individuals who are only planning on reselling the sneaker. With the main goal being to sell the sneaker to customers who will actually wear the show, Titan is quite successful. Furthermore, the growing popularity of online bots and false identities will surely decrease as more and more local sneaker stores apply what Titan has pioneered.

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  1. Not really. Most of them have a group wherein they hire “raffle joiners”. Same with in-store queues or online raffles. If you notice, during instore queues, 90% of them are those “joiners”.


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