Lorde‘s New Solar Power Album is finally here! It’s been almost 4 years since the artist had released a full album and fans are definitely excited for the artist’s huge comeback. When the title single came out for Lorde’s new album, it showered the world with good vibes and a cheery tune that was such a joy to listen to.

Naturally, because of this fans patiently waited for every single to come out – and now we can enjoy the entire album in its entirety. Our excitement for Solar Power could not be contained as well so we went ahead to listen to the entire album and in turn, we have made a track-by-track review of Solar Power by Lorde:

Lorde Singer of New Album Solar Power
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1. The Path

This meaningful piece somehow lacks a catchy hook that could have made us more drawn to it. The lyrics, however, showcase the artistry of the artist which naturally exudes from her. It talks about the downside of fame and how some things are sacrificed when you reach their pinnacle. It’s not the first time that Lorde has written about the downside of commercial success, and though we’d maybe rather listen to more feel-good songs, know that we value the honesty and courage that went into its creation.

2. Solar Power

The titular track for the album is surely in the running for one of the top songs of the summer in our books. It is filled with lightness and good vibes is something we definitely appreciate after a long working day! This is the song never really knew we needed, but realized we did when she gave it to us. It’s upbeat but still soothing and relaxing to listen to and is an instant throwback to our pre-pandemic days on the beach.

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3. California 

The storytelling capability of Lorde is further showcased in this 3rd track in the album with a catchy song entitled California. It features a delicate and dainty melody as the backdrop for a seemingly simple message but one that still exhibits the next level of artistry from the singer-songwriter. The dreamy feel of the vocals captures how surreal the California experience may be, with a bit of a wistful tone to it. It definitely stands its own unique lane in the sea of tracks that the album offers which in turn provides a different and fresh track altogether.

4. Stone at the Nail Salon 

Things get nostalgic with this heartfelt ballad on growing old and accepting where the road and times take us both in the present and in the terms of the near future. The is a heartfelt and deep sense of honesty in the song’s lyrics and is combined with pretty, ethereal melodies. The track contains an existential message which is clearly who Lorde is all about as an artist – one who is willing to provide an artistic and intellectual conversation through her music.

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5. Fallen Fruit 

The song is a wake-up call on how much of a poor state our planet is. Some might call it achingly timely, but really, there’s no better time than today to be told the truth. This is yet another example of the deep lyrical writing ability that Lorde has to convey a much-needed message which she is able to pair with amazing melodies. it is a song that somewhat resembles the artistic touch to a powerful message that was given to us by Michale Jackson with his track the Earth Song.

6. Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)

We are halfway through this review but clearly, Solar Power is proving to be yet another poetic statement from Lorde.  The halfway mark in this album features a track unlike any other that we have heard or experienced so far in Solar Power. It boasts a pop tune paired with lyrics that speak and resonate with its listeners easily making it an instant favorite. We also need to talk about the latter part of this song that is just pure genius –  an airline-type melodic monologue just wraps the song so brilliantly.

7.  The Max with the Axe 

In an Apple Music article, Lorde describes this song as one of the biggest accomplishments of the album. The song has a solemn, intimate quality that makes you feel as if you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation or peeking inside someone’s diary. The honesty is amazing and though it won’t be on loop in our playlist anytime soon due to the emotional hold that it keeps us locked in, listening to its ethereal background and vocals is definitely a unique experience altogether.

8. Dominoes

The song tackles utopias and wellness, some things that were very big in the 60s and 70s. “Seeking this thing that will give us the answers and make us feel whole. I feel like everyone kind of knows someone like this,” she explains to Apple Music. It’s interesting that Lorde should choose a topic like this. We don’t want to overthink why, so we’ll just enjoy the casual, playful way she tells the story. This is a track that beautifully pairs a personal message however from Lorde with awesome beats and rhythms that make it so catchy.

9. Big Star

There is an overwhelming sense of vulnerability screaming throughout the entire album which has become even more evident by this track. In Lorde’s interview with Apple Music she said that “the title of this song is a nod to Big Star the band, who I absolutely love and when I think about a song like Thirteen by Big Star, there’s something so kind of childlike about it, and the song channels a similar thing.” This is proof that each song is so personal to Lorde as she creatively pours out everything she has in each song and as listeners, we are taken on a ride to feel every outpouring of thoughts and emotion from the artist.

10. Leader of a New Regime 

Listening to this track felt almost like meditating, allowing your mind to stay put while listening to it. it’s one of the shorter tracks in the album but one that demands some pondering after. Its mood is a total juxtaposition to its message The tones and melodies provide a slight chill vibe or atmosphere whereas the lyrics almost appear to be abrasive and direct to the point but still from a poetic standpoint.

11. Mood Ring


In the song’s press release, Lorde explained that Mood Ring is a satirical look and at the same time serves as a social commentary at the pseudo-wellness trend. She was inspired to write about this topic after a deep dive into the ‘60s era Flower Child culture and the similarities between trends from that time period and now. In listening to the song, however, there’s a tendency to overlook the meaning of the song and just focus on the happy beat of the song which can simply take over. This song is one that needs that extra attention however because it’s the combination of a hard-hitting message and psychedelic beats that really give this song the justice that it deserves.

12. Ocean Feeling

If the Solar Power would have a tryptic, inside it would probably include Solar Power, Mood Ring, and Ocean Feeling. They definitely have their distinguishing elements: Solar Power is the cheeriest, Mood Ring is the more sentimental one, while Ocean Feeling is the most nonchalant.

Lorde explained the meaning behind this song to Apple music; “I really wanted it to sound like when I get up in the morning at home and go outside and think about what the day’s going to hold… I wanted to make something that people from New Zealand would hear and would feel like, ‘Oh, I’m this. That’s where I’m from.’” In other words, this song with its chill vibes is a love letter dedicated to everyone especially those closest to Lorde that jots down an optimistic mood altogether.

Solar Power by Lorde Review Verdict

We loved the album for its honesty and by this review alone it is obvious how much time and effort went into the new Lorde album, Solar Power. This album is definitive proof of the creativity and artistry from Lorde which we consistently get from her. She is the type of artist who delivers literary messages that are somewhat cryptic at times. It does require a different kind of listening – one that goes beyond the surface and enables us to savor every word and melody.

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