Unbox Con 2022 is just around the corner with just less than two weeks until the glorious one-day-only event opens its doors on June 18 at SMX MOA. The abundance and variety of booths and Fireside Chats are just at the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what the convention is set to offer.

One of the aspects that makes any collectible convention such as these so exciting and intriguing are the exclusive drops and toy designers that will be featured in the event. For Unbox Con 2022, one of the names that are creating a lot of buzz is none other than Singaporean-based Filipino artist Carlo Cacho aka iamwetworks, or simply put, Wetworks.

Get To Know the Man Behind Wetworks

iamwetworks Feature: On Designing Custom Toys, Sneakers, and More

Carlo Cacho had always been an artist as he started doodling on his notebook back in elementary while joining multiple art contests along the way as well. This pushed him to take up a degree in Fine Arts majoring in Industrial Design at UST for College and it even opened the door for Cacho to join painting contests such as the Shell National Arts Competition back in the ‘90s.

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Eventually through, grit, hard work, and determination, Cacho started diverting his artistic eye and creativity to creating toys — thus Wetworks was conceived.

Wetworks as an art toy brand was inspired by Whilce Portacio and his works on the iconic comic books of the same name back in the ‘90s. Cacho was indeed inspired not only by the art found in the comics but as well as the entire story arc which in turn instilled in him the desire and drive to follow in Portacio’s footsteps as an artist. In 2009, Cacho started joining toy forums doing customs and modded figures and thus the moniker and brand of Wetworks were born.

We had the privilege of being granted a special one-on-one interview with Wetworks back in April of 2021. Check out our full article here

Wetworks x Unbox Con 2022

For Unbox Con 2022, Wetworks has several exclusive and limited drops in store for those in attendance. Let’s take a closer look at these two exclusive drops from Wetworks (but fingers crossed for more surprises during the actual event) — The Shinigami: Pilipinas and Foxy: Voltes V Cosplay Edition.

unbox con 2022 wetworks

Foxy is back indeed and is meaner and bigger than ever before. Foxy this time around is sporting up a cosplay version of Voltes V. This collectible is now officially part of the cosplay edition series and is officially licensed from Toei Company, Japan. It stands 10” tall and is completely made out of high-quality resin.

With only 100 pieces being made available through Solid Toys, those in attendance at Unbox Con 2022 have the opportunity to Pre-Order the Foxy: Voltes V Cosplay Edition.

unbox con 2022 wetworks

One of the most awaited releases for Unbox Con 2022 is Wetwork’s Shinigami: Filipina’s. Cacho has previously released a variety of versions for this specific toy which sold out pretty quickly such as the Shinigami: The Awakening – BLAXK Lotus. The limited quantity of 50 pieces makes this collectible a must-have but as well as the unique designs and intricate detailing that is poured out into this specific toy. It truly is a work of art.

The most recent piece released which was, as mentioned, The Awakening – BLAXK Lotus boasted an almost translucent and glass-like look with the highlight being the glow and the dark lotus flower that serves as the “brain” of the Shinigami.

Ticket holders and attendees of Unbox Con 2022 will not only have the opportunity to purchase these limited Wetworks collectibles and toys that were mentioned there will also be a segment during the convention called Artist Proof: Discussion on the Future of Art Toys from 12:30 – 1:00 pm. The panel of art toy designers and creators include CREON CHKN, Klaris, EJ Sulit, and none other than Wetworks himself.

This goes to show that Unbox Con has truly shaped to become the must-go-to convention of the year with more exclusives and surprises slated to drop in the coming days. For the latest updates and news regarding Unbox Con 2022, continue to follow us here at This Is Hype PH.

You can still purchase your Silver, Gold, and Platinum (NFT) tickets here.


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