When it comes to Air Jordan 1 collabs last year, one of the best ones was with Union LA. Comprising of two colorways, the collab combined familiar colorways with old, yet-to-be-retroed colorways. Together with a vintage, worn-out look and premium tumbled leather for the upper, it is no surprise why this collab is a hit last year, commanding high prices over at StockX.

With reports that Union will be giving the same treatment for the Air Jordan 4, I was stoked to see what they have up their sleeves (even if there’s no way I can cop them anyway). I was expecting a lot with the upcoming Union LA Air Jordan 4 collab…until I saw some of the teaser photos.

As someone who considers the Air Jordan 4 as one of his favorite Air Jordan sneakers, I am disappointed with this particular collab. From the off-looking tongue with the “Air Jordan” branding placed outside, the solid translucent wings, to the use of what looks like ripstop mesh on the toe box and ankle collar, the collab pair looks like—at least for me—one of those counterfeit Air Jordan sneakers you can buy in Greenhills or Cartimar.

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For some consolation, at least Union did it right with the yellowed-out midsole and the Nike Air backtab. However, for its $250 asking price, I call this an easy pass considering there are other better collabs coming later this year—like the upcoming PEACEMINUSONE Air Force 1 in White.

Essentially a white version of the one that released last year, I love this iteration better especially when it gets beat up to reveal KPop superstar G-Dragon’s artwork. Oh, and those fat laces do add swag points to this collab sneaker.

However, no matter how poorly executed a collab can be, they would normally sell out and fetch high prices due to hype and very low supply. Which brings me the question: is there a line between a well-executed collab and a sloppy when it comes to market prices?

Regardless if you manage to score a W on both pairs or not, here’s some feel-good advice for you.


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