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The word itself presents delusions and acts of obsession. The difficulty level in getting our grails is becoming higher and higher by the day.

Any luck on the Grateful Dead Dunks? Sneakerbar Detroit

It used to be a fact that one’s physical presence is a major requirement in getting the sneakers you want. Now, all you have to do is sign up, join a raffle, or use an app and hope for the best. Sounds convenient and easy? Hell no. You wish it was.

Noke Dunk 420 anyone? Sneakernews

More often than not, you get the giant L. You may end up forking over a bigger amount for the resale price which is already the norm. We’ve all been there.

Here are a few brief, yet effective ways on how one can move on from a particular shoe release and muster a better mindset and even a strong chance at getting their most coveted new release soon!

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Just Accept It

Simply walk away and move on if you can. You just can’t win them all. The truth hurts but the best thing to do sometimes is acceptance not just with shoes but daily life disappointments.

Many are still hurt over these. The infamous Travis Dunks. NiceKicks

Positivity Is King

Good thoughts yield great results. We’re not saying that’s a tried and true formula but the sneaker gods may be listening and give you that big fat W! Not like the guy below but you know what we mean.

One of the best resellers in the game, and the youngest. Benjaminkickz. Can’t get salty over his biz.


Try Not To Overpay… Or Be Patient For The Cheapest Deal 

The possibility to overpay is always there. Strike a convo with yourself “Is it really worth the resale price?” Before digging deep from your wallet, think deep. At least search out for the cheapest alternative to get them, please no fakes.

The “I paid retail” pose Photo by Gustavo Caballero

Don’t Hate… Appreciate! 

Envy is the root of all evil. Stop being angry over things you have no control of.

Sure, they may have won the sneaker to have this week, but look at the bigger picture. Look at what you already have. There are instances that you just need to take out a pair and re-appreciate it.

We can all dream we have a pair. Paris Dunks. – Stadium Goods

Do Your Research 


Keep your eyes peeled. If you want a pair that bad, read up! Don’t wait for release day. Maintain this frequency and subscribe to a whole lot of sneaker sites. Knowledge and research is king.

A Bigger Network Means More Chances Of W’s

Be active and social. You never know who strikes that W and he may be able to hook you up! It pays to help each other. If you win something that you don’t really like, hook a friend up! In the future, he or she may be that lucky angel to drop your well-deserved win! Good karma is king.

You and your posse when you secured your pairs.

There you go! By the way, here is a debatable topic on how hype can still be a part of the culture even in the New Normal. 

Happy Sneaker Hunting and always be positive mentally and negative from the virus. Wear your mask and don’t go out shirtless like this guy.




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