With the success of the first two Secret Fresh x World Balance sneakers, namely the iSperm and the Invictus B69, we’re not surprised that they released a third collab pair. This time, it’s a hi-top version of the iSperm named the iSperm Climax.

According to Carlo Ople’s vlog, the reason behind the name iSperm is Secret Fresh’s logo, the Heart Sperm; the inspiration behind the design of the sneaker is one of DJ Bigboy Cheng’s favorite sneaker, the Revenge x Storms.

The material is a mix of canvas and suede, which looks great, especially in person. The paneling of the medial and lateral side is made out of canvas, and there are accent pieces of suede at the sides and heel where you can see the year 1980 written, which stands for the year when World Balance was made. Instead of laces, the iSperm Climax has straps that are also made out of suede and is complemented by shiny eyelets. For the cushioning, the collar on the ankle is padded to give you a little bit of support.

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The outsole is made out of your typical rubber, but I would like to praise the insole for being thick, making it a much more comfortable alternative to your typical sneaker at this price point, which, speaking of, is one of my favorite things about the sneaker. The iSperm Climax is priced at only Php 2,399 and is now available at World Balance’s online store.

The iSperm Climax comes in three colors: a loud yellow with green and red accents, which will surely make heads turn, as well as two toned down colors: one with black with white accents, and, my personal favorite, the white with gray/black accents.

So far we’ve been liking all of the Secret Fresh x World Balance, and we’re sure that both brands still have fresh ideas in store for future collabs. 


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