This is quite fun! Are we on the subject of brand betrays endorser here? Because adidas has a new fastfood-themed sneaker with the Pro Model 2G McDonalds.

We’re not gonna lie,adidas is definitely making the moves here. We all know that Nike endorser and rapper Travis Scott has a Mcdonald’s deal…and this one comes from leftfield!

adidas, being the sponsor for the 2021 McDonald’s All American Game, has marked the momentous occasion with its Pro Model 2G  bearing the fast food chain’s flagship colors of yellow and red, along with that trademark McDonalds branding in the upper and the rongue.

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Hell, without the branding, the shoe screams Mcdonalds all over!

The debossed M logo can be found on the sides of the shoe, while the slogan “I’m Lovin’ It” can be found on the forefoot. On top of that, the shiny patent leather material used gives the shoe a very kiddie and fun feel!

Sorry for the little theory, but we can’t help to think that Mcdonalds just betrayed the Houston rapper here! We really have no idea as to when Mr. Astroworld’s contract is expiring but it seems weird that the fastfood giant has no chill in collaborating with an indirect rival.

Maybe McDonalds is thinking that it would be cool to sign different contracts so that it can cater to different markets. That’s our theory, and it may (or may not) be true. Whatever the case may be, it is still a W from team McDonalds after all.

No release date has been confirmed as of yet, but the adidas Pro Model 2G Mcdonalds are confirmed to drop very soon. No word yet on how exclusive they will be, but we bet that fans of the fastfood chain will definitely cop this sneaker.

In other three-striped news, this new YEEZY looks like a freshly steamed dumpling! Check it out!


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