As we’ve seen with adidas’ most recent collaboration with Sean Wotherspoon, the Three Stripes is taking a concrete step towards sustainability. Through the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials, Adidas has released several sneakers with varying designs. This time around, Adidas is re-releasing their iconic Stan Smith, Superstar, Continental 80, and Supercourt.


Each iconic sneaker of this collection displays a very similar theme of minimalism and a clean white colorway. The main difference between each silhouette lies in the sneaker’s secondary color found in the laces and heel counter. It is green for the Stan Smith, black for the Superstar, red for the Continental 80, and blue for the Supercourt.

As the collection’s name suggests, each silhouette is made using vegan leather with a 100 percent recycled lining. The collection also includes scientific innovations such as the use of an algae-based midsole (doesn’t that sound familiar?) for the Continental 80. The use of these materials serves as proof that the fashion industry can achieve a balance between sustainability and design.

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Unlike their previous environmentally friendly efforts, this collection of vegan sneakers has a literal message on each shoe. Written on the heel counters, it states “This shoe alone will not save the planet”. While the message may appear to be negative, it holds true as there is much to improve in terms of sustainability in the fashion industry dominated by fast fashion. Furthermore, this statement foreshadows Adidas’ future plans of going further into the use of practices and products with the environment in mind.

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