When you say cosplay and gaming, Alodia Gosiengfiao is easily one of the names that come to mind in the Philippine scene. To date, she has cosplayed over 40 anime characters from Witchblade, G.I. Joe, K-On!, Paradise Kiss, Evangelion, Final Fantasy X-2, and Genshin Impact.

Nowadays, she’s super busy as the founder of Tier One Entertainment and also, as a highly-followed content creator. But this go-getter doesn’t rest on her laurels because she just launched a makeup line inspired by the exhilarating and creative world of cosplay and gaming. The name of the line? Alodia Beauty.

“Honestly, I’ve always wanted to create a makeup line since I was living in Japan circa 2013-2014. I already had talks with Japanese and local manufacturers, but it didn’t materialize because of the set-up, “Alodia shares. 

Fast forward to today, and Tier One Entertainment is getting to a point where we have enough resources and found more leaders we can trust for it to take care of its day-to-day. Now, I have more of a leeway to explore things I’ve been wanting to start a while back.”

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We’re certainly glad that she pursued it and are loving the shades included in the line. The formula for the lippies are long-lasting, moisturizing, and smudge-proof. What’s interesting and cool is that gaming terms like Respawn, are used as names of some of the lipstick variants. Not a gamer? No problem. I feel you’re gonna love the line anyway because of the curated colors and the fact that it’s paraben and cruelty-free.

Black Mage

Black Lipstick Alodia Beauty
Dare wear black? Get your hands on the Black Mage.



Alodia Beauty Respawn
An earthy pink shade for your everyday glow.


Look fab in a striking red shade.

Game Strong!

“What surprised me was that Black Mage, the black shade, was the first one that sold out. It took probably 4 hours for it to sell out! Then the next ones were the nude colors—Rogue and Revive! Then of course the red one I used for the launch called Haste,” she imparts.

This lippies are priced at P475, which is a pretty good deal for a smudge-proof, non-drying, matte product. Check them out at Alodia Beauty’s official Lazada Store


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