It turns out that Starbucks is not the only coffee chain joining the apparel and accessory game. Kyoto-based coffee chain Arabica is selling a line of minimalist merchandise, and we’re here for it. 

Arabica’s stores boast a modern and clean approach and exude a very relaxing vibe. In the Philippines, they have recently opened a new branch in 257 McKinley, Taguig. It’s as sleek as can be, you’ll feel like you’re in Japan. Very Instagram worthy. 


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If anything, its line of newly launched merchandise is an extension of this approach. We particularly love their sneakers. It has the makings of a go-to sneaker that can easily match your outfit. Other merchandise includes bags, tumblers, and canisters.

Arabica was born out of its founder’s (Kenneth Shoji) love for coffee, design, and seeing the world. It opened its flagship store at Kyoto, Japan in 2014. It as 72 branches in 14 countries to date.

When we asked Arabica PH about the availability of the sneakers, there was only 1 size 6 pair left.

You may visit their stores at W City Center, 257 McKinley, and Podium to check out the rest of their available merch. Interestingly, they also sell canisters and actual coffee via BEEP.

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