The most refreshing part about being immersed into sneakers and the culture is to have those days when you suddenly stumble into something you’ve never seen before. Apart from the usual Swooshes and Three Stripes, there is a yearning to see something out of the ordinary on your timeline. Something that propels you to take a second look and go the rabbit hole. 

The first time I saw Finn Cotton  and their line of tech runners from STOCKROOM, I was taken aback with the fact that it’s a local brand. From what I’ve heard, they’ve been sponsoring rappers here locally and is co-signed by Lavar Ball of all personalities! 

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Part tech and part leisure, the possibilities are infinite and rich for such a brand. We’d like to be one of the first to get the word out, so read on! 

First off, how did Finn Cotton begin? What propelled you to create a shoe brand?

It’s been a goal of mine to start my own brand. I wanted to provide Filipinos with high quality sneakers at a very affordable price, making it accessible to anyone. Hence, we offer free shipping and COD for orders.

A shoe brand is a bigger challenge than a clothing brand, what brands or individuals inspired you to brave such a venture?

“No dream is too big, no dreamer is too small.”

Your shoe models lean more on the comfy side, how would you categorize your shoe models?

Right now, our available models are more on the street and sportwear side of things. Pairs that you can walk around with shorts on a chill Sunday or also wear at an event. People will look at your pair and ask “anong brand yan?”–May ganung factor yung shoes natin.

Any plans on collaborating with musicians too? Seeing you’ve been seeding some rappers with pairs?

Yes, the goal is to name our shoes after artists and basketball players in the near future. Like the concept of signature designs.

Drop us your top 5 kicks in your rotation.

1) The Myths

2) Proxima Centauri 1.0

3) Alpha Centauri 2.0

4) Sento

5) G-Lock

What is that shoe that inspired you with that “Ah I’ll make my own shoe brand” moment?

I used to have a sneaker customization business before the pandemic. So medyo matagal na akong motivated to make my own brand. Dati naglilinis ako ng sneakers, ngayon nagbebenta na.

How did the name come about? Care to share?

It represents style and prestige. Iba yung dating.

Any words for our readers? Stuff to promote?

Maraming salamat! Check out the official Finn Cotton online store,  we will have more endorsers very soon and newer models coming out that you may be interested in.

Salamat Finn Cotton! 

While we are on the topic of local pride and talent, check out this artist who has done work for international streetwear brands here. 


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