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Crossing over the geeky side with high fashion is the new normal. Right now, the gaming community is draped in streetwear – it’s just not a surprise anymore.

Adding fire to the torch forged by high end street fashion and gaming culture, Balenciaga just dropped an interesting collab with the PS5. Yes, THE Sony PlayStation 5.

Releasing hot on the heels of Sony‘s desirable offering, the wearables are ironically more expensive than the actual PS5 console, which costs $499(~Php 24k) IF you manage to secure a unit. Currently, resell prices for the coveted videogame console is $748(~Php 35.8k) for the Digital edition and $755(~Php 36.1k) for the Blu-Ray Disc edition.

The collab line up consists of two T-shirts and a hoodie marked with Playstation branding. The PS5 logo, PlayStation insignia and the trademark geometric button shapes add to the graphic affair. Completing the look is the date when the PlayStation 5 debuted.

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Priced at $675(~Php 32.3k) for the T-shirt and $875(~Php 41.9k) for the hoodie, the Balenciaga PS5 collab pieces are available through Balenciaga’s website and all other locations. This collection caught everyone’s attention as both pieces are ridiculously expensive considering that the graphic design is something you’d probably see Sony giving away at E3.

It’s also ridiculously expensive as their retail price can get you a PlayStation 5 console at resell with some change to boot. In addition to that, getting an actual PlayStation 5 lets you enjoy games too—we doubt if you get that same kind of enjoyment over ridiculously expensive clothing. Unless—flexing designer clothes is your kind of happiness.

In your opinion, does Playstation really need a collab with such a crazy price tag? Well, that’s how times have changed. Why can’t geeks and gamers show some drip?

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