Southerners are usually those who have it a bit more difficult when it comes to getting stuff in. It entails a long drive or commute just for a simple store visit. Not only is it a chore, it’s also money and gas consuming!

Finally, Southerners—specifically those living in Sta. Rosa, Laguna—and those ready for a road trip are in for a treat with a store that they could call their own! Called Chamber Bel-Air, the store promises to bring together those who are looking for more than just regular releases and the like. Owned by individuals who are in the know when it comes to sneakers and streetwear, this is definitely exciting news and they have this to say:

” Opening exactly a few days from now is the first of many staples for the culture here in the south. Located in the neighborhood of Bel Air, Sta. Rosa is Chamber. Chamber is a community store that aims to cater foot traffic from all walks of life. Chamber shares a variety of curated goods & allows the mass to benefit from its services for the greater good of the community.

We are excited to interact with anyone and anything that walks through our front door. What we want to share to the people is something that cannot be explained through words but can only be shown through actions. We look forward and are excited for you (THE people) to be part of a new chapter and participate in this roller coaster ride to better the community. The euphoria Chamber targets to share with its people would always be the main focus of this whole journey. See you all on March 14! Come thru and get locked in! A community store made BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.” 

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As far as we know, they have quite the assembly of rarities, exclusives and local brands on deck, so best be on your toes this Sunday for their opening. Chamber Bel-Air is located at Laguna Bel-Air Drive, Sta. Rosa, Laguna and will officially open its doors on March 14.

While you’re waiting on Sunday, this Fil Am artist under Paradise Rising should be on your playlist now! 



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