To dream is the moodsetter of all epic things. To announce it to the world takes bravery and a whole lot of optimism. If you let the world know, you just might surpass your expectations! 

Meet Filipino Artist Christian Oliver Talampas, a self-taught artist and a self proclaimed Michael Jordan fan who teaches us the power of sheer talent AND the determination to make things happen. Also known as _cortart, his masterpiece that interprets “The Last Shot” is a spot on depiction of Jordan’s epic battle in Game 6 from the 1988 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz.

What sets this artist apart from others is that he took the plunge in turning his dream into a reality. By announcing his intentions for the piece to reach the Airness himself via a Tiktok video, the Jordan camp responded and the rest was history. 

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The best thing for this Filipino artist was he got his painting back, the original one, signed by Michael Jordan himself with some other MJ memorabilia for him to celebrate his legacy by.

We caught up with _cortart himself to find out more about his experience and his art. Read on.

First off, how did you get into painting? What inspired you to choose this artform?

It was when the pandemic started. Ang hirap po humanap ng trabaho lalo na karamihan pa ng mga business at kumpanya, nag sara. I chose charcoal painting because it’s a lot more practical. The materials are way cheaper than that for an acrylic painting.

Why Michael Jordan? Can you share how you became a fan? Did you idolize him way way back?

I’m a big fan of MJ since I was 8 years old (1990). I love playing basketball and I really admire his skills as well.


About your “The Last Shot” Painting, can you share the process? How long did it take to finish the whole piece?

It took me 72 days, about 620 hours in total. Please check my Tiktok or Instagram for the entire process. I had it documented.

How did you hookup with MJ himself? You must be on cloud nine when he sent your painting back and all!!

Honestly, until now I’m speechless. I still can’t believe this is all happening. Sir Brian Apodaca, an OG collector based in the US have a friend that is connected to MJ himself. They’re the one who helped me get reached out to MJ.

Aside from MJ, who would you want to reach out to next?

I really want to meet all the living greatest personalities. Local and international.

Any shoutouts, stuff to promote to our readers?

Shout out to all the Filipinos, my friends, colleagues and of course my family who never stopped supporting and believing in me. Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

Thank you Christian! 

Speaking of Jordan, here’s the Air Jordan 1 ’85 dropping in the Georgetown colorway. 


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