Released last November 2021, Netflix’s Arcane: League of Legends series set a record as Netflix’s highest-rated series, garnering a top spot on Netflix in 52 countries, and ranking 2nd in the US. It has also gained critical acclaim and recognition, with a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 10/10 rating from IGN. Based on a video game, Arcane tells the story of Vi and Jinx, finding themselves on opposing sides of a war between beliefs and technologies. The art and technology used to animate the story are astounding, which can make one wonder how it would look like as a live-action movie. You don’t have to wonder so much anymore because a passionate group of cosplayers and friends teamed up to do a shoot, bringing flesh to the characters of Arcane: Caitlyn, Viktor, Silco, Vi, and Jinx. 

The Secret of Good Cosplay? Authenticity

For non-gamers and those unfamiliar with it, Arcane: League of Legends is set in utopian city Piltover and the undercity district of Zaun, where its main characters experience tension, conflict, and injustice. The world was introduced so vividly, building its characters with detail and complexity. As a viewer, you’re drawn to it. The cosplayers interpreted captured the characters so authentically, from the gear, the costumes, to the nuances, showing the possibilities that could take place if ever live action adaptation was even to take place in the future.

Vi as interpreted by Ber Reyes | @nicolabernice | 

From the start of the series, we get to see the toughness, street smarts, and courage of Vi. Still, there is a gentleness to her, shown in her concern for her sister Jinx and Vander.

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Jinx as interpreted by Roxanne Kho | @roxanne.kho | 

Jinx/ Powder transforms from a somewhat naive child to a villain-like character. Traumatized by her past, her dangerous mind drives her to engage in irrational behavior.

Silco as interpreted by Zackt | @zackt._ | 

Silco is a crime lord from Zaun with the desire to make Zaun independent from Piltover. He is willing to stop at almost nothing to achieve it.

Viktor as interpreted by Cholo Tolentino | @cholo_tolentino | 

He’s a brilliant scientist and assistant dean to the academy, instrumental in harnessing the power of arcane magic in order to bring hextech to the city of Piltover. He will do anything to get this done.

Caitlyn as interpreted by Ju Garcia | @justenegarcia

Smart and skilled, Caitlyn was born from a wealthy family, but refused to follow the noble path. Instead, she pursued becoming a Piltover peace enforcer. Caitlyn eventually teams up with Vi to track Jinx and Silco.

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